‘Dead by Daylight’ Fans Are Not Happy That ‘Stranger Things’ Is Going Bye Bye

Why is 'Stranger Things' leaving in the wake of Chapter 21's debut on 'Dead by Daylight'? Legal matters could be the problem.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Aug. 17 2021, Published 8:09 p.m. ET

Demogorgon 'Stranger Things'
Source: Behaviour

If you're a Dead by Daylight fan, then you know all about the game's incredible partnerships and licenses over the years. The title's development team has managed to put together some solid notable entries: Silent Hill, Scream, Evil Dead, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Leatherface, Resident Evil, and, of course, the popular retro horror series, Stranger Things.

Fans were recently bummed out to hear that the Netflix IP would be leaving DBD, but why is that the case?

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Why is 'Stranger Things' leaving 'DBD'?

If you're a horror movie fan, then you know Dead by Daylight always comes correct with its partnerships, and Chapter 21 is no different. Various rumors and leaks have alerted fans to the arrival of Hellraiser's Pinhead, the BDSM demon from the Clive Barker series of films that takes the pain and pleasure principle to grotesque new lengths.

But with the announcement of Chapter 21 also comes some disappointing news. Stranger Things will no longer be available for gamers to enjoy, and there are a couple of potential reasons why.

Behaviour Interactive has stated that while Stranger Things will no longer be playable, all of the characters, including the Demogorgon, will still be available in the title.

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why is stranger things leaving dbd
Source: Behaviour

The DBD FAQ states: "As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected. With Stranger Things, our focus continues to be ensuring the legacy of these characters within our game for fans who have purchased them or plan to do so."

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Furthermore, all of the perks accumulated in the Stranger Things "campaign" will also remain with players, so you're not going to lose those either. But there's a time limit for when you can get access to the Stranger Things DLC in Dead by Daylight: Nov. 17, 2021. Once that date hits, you won't be able to buy anymore content pertaining to the popular show in the game.

Source: Twitter
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And the reason for that more than likely has to do with a licensing expiration. When Behaviour and the Dead by Daylight team enacted the licensing deal, it was at the height of the show's popularity. Netflix's peeps and the production company behind the show probably weren't too keen on allowing a company to have unlimited free use of the Stranger Things name to turn a profit for the game.

But there are also rumors that there's another horror game featuring Stranger Things that's in the works — but that's just a rumor for now.

If you're interested in purchasing the DLC and the game before Nov. 17, now would be a good time to do so as there's a bunch of sales going on. You'll get 60 percent off DLCs and 50 percent off the game's Stranger Things editions on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia. The Nintendo Switch is also offering 60 percent off the DLCs, but not 50 percent on the game's Stranger Things edition.

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Source: Twitter

There are also "cosmetic sales" going on from Aug. 18 until Sept. 8. The Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, and Nancy Wheeler outfits are all going for a reduced price, and the characters themselves will be on sale from Sep. 8 until Nov. 17.

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Source: Twitter

What about the Hawkins Laboratory map? Will that be leaving 'DBD' with other 'Stranger Things' themed content?

Once Nov. 17 comes and goes, sadly, gamers must also part ways with the Hawkins lab. Again, there hasn't been a reason for this, but you won't be able to play it any longer. So make sure you get all of your Stranger Things action in DBD done until then.

Are you sad to see the IP go?

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