Lisa Kudrow as Maggie in 'Space Force'
Source: Netflix

Maggie's Mysterious Prison Sentence Continues to Baffle 'Space Force' Fans

Why is the wife in prison in 'Space Force'? Maggie ended up in prison in Season 1 in 'Space Force.' What necessitated the sentence?

Leila Kozma - Author

Feb. 17 2022, Published 12:12 p.m. ET

Season 1 of Space Force, a comedy by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, burst onto Netflix subscribers' screens on May 29, 2020.

Starring Steve as General Mark R. Naird and John Malkovich as his work pal, Dr. Adrian Mallory, the show explores the unexpected ramifications of working in the field of space travel. Will the hilarious team fulfill their mission and get boots on the moon by 2024? Will Mark's wife, Maggie (Lisa Kudrow), leave prison in Season 2 of Space Force?

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General Mark R. Naird's wife, Maggie, ended up in prison in Season 1 of 'Space Force.' Why?

Season 1 of Space Force launched on May 29, 2020, instantly garnering popularity. Caught up in a near-permanent competition with China, the team has to obey the president's orders and seriously up their game — while also tending to their at-times messy personal lives.

Lisa Kudrow as Maggie in 'Space Force'
Source: Netflix
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Mark's wife, Maggie, was sentenced to 40 to 60 years in prison in Season 1 of Space Force — but the show never quite established how she got there. Frequently considered a running gag, Maggie's conviction continues to baffle fans.

"Am I the only one irritated that I don’t know why Maggie Naird is in prison in Space Force?" tweeted @TrippiVibes.

"This is so stupid. Why doesn't Space Force ever say why Maggie is in jail? I have to know," tweeted @neiImobiIe.

The real reasons behind Maggie's imprisonment in 'Space Force' have yet to be unveiled. But fans have theories.

The real reasons behind Maggie's imprisonment have yet to come to light, but fans wasted no time concocting various theories explaining why and how she ended up in the dodgy predicament.

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A Redditor named u/authorrobertgemmell claims Maggie intentionally sabotaged a rocket launch to disrupt the sheer monotonousness of her life in Colorado. Overcome by the spirit of Luddism, she could have destroyed an invaluable piece of machinery — which could have earned her a one-way ticket to jail.

Lisa Kudrow as Maggie in 'Space Force'
Source: Netflix
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"She was so distraught at living in nowhere Colorado that at the base she somehow had a part in sabotaging a big launch that took place sometime over the one-year time skip at the start of the show," u/authorrobertgemmell wrote. "She probably caused a ton of damage and was caught and then convicted of something like terrorism so she got such a huge sentence. We see that POTUS has a direct line to her privileges and visiting restrictions so I think her crime must have been very serious."

As another fan theory holds, Maggie could have leaked top-secret information by accident. As u/An_AvailableUsername wrote, "Accidentally giving scraps of intel papers to Yuri? Could also explain part of why he’s so into Erin."

Another Redditor, u/AgnewsHeadlessClone, wrote that she could have personally offended the president — which would have gotten her in an unfathomable amount of trouble.

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"My guess is that it was a personal offense against the president that got treated as treason. They all know she isn't really different, but there is no hope of getting her out because it's a personal vendetta by the President," u/AgnewsHeadlessClone wrote.

Season 2 of Space Force arrives on Feb. 18, 2022, on Netflix.

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