Back to Port Too Soon: What's Going On With 'Below Deck's' Season 11 Reunion?

While Bravo has not formally come out and said there would not be a reunion for the 11th season, they haven't come out and said there was one planned, either.

Sheridan Singleton - Author

Jun. 3 2024, Updated 2:58 p.m. ET

Captain Kerry posing for 'Below Deck' Season 11 promo
Source: Bravo

It's looking like there will be another reunion-less season for Below Deck fans. Season 10 of Below Deck did have a reunion on the books, but it was canceled due to purported scheduling issues. However, there were other suspicious circumstances that avid viewers of the show noticed surrounding the cancellation. Namely, thanks to Alissa Humber, who shared the screenshot of an email she alleged was from the Below Deck producers before the announcement was made about the reunion cancellation.

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Alissa had been one of a few people who were fired from the super yacht that season. In addition to the screenshot of the alleged email, there was also a social media row between Captain Lee and Captain Sandy. She took over for him after he left for health reasons and later fired one of the crew members without informing him first. With the drama that happened at the end of Season 10, one would think there'd be a reunion for Season 11. So why isn't there a Below Deck Season 11 reunion?

Barbie Pascual posing for 'Below Deck' Season 11 promo
Source: Bravo

Barbie Pascual

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Why isn't there a 'Below Deck' Season 11 reunion?

While Bravo has not formally come out and said there would not be a reunion for the 11th season, they haven't come out and said there was one planned, either. In fact, the only person who has said there won't be one, according to social media users, is Barbie Pascual. Several fans claim that Barbie shared that there wouldn't be a Season 11 reunion during a live session on Instagram. A Redditor who saw the live session provided a detailed breakdown of what Barbie said, which was very enlightening.

"[Barbie confirms] there is no reunion and this live feels like her own reunion/finishing up the season," the Redditor described part of the live. "Not much more to say. Doesn’t think BD would have her back. Doesn’t think there is much to talk about at a reunion as most things wrapped in the season."

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Captain Kerry speaking into handheld speaker aboard the super yacht on 'Below Deck' Season 11
Source: Bravo

Captain Kerry

Why wasn't there a Season 10 reunion for 'Below Deck?'

Fans of the series were disappointed when they learned that there won't be a Below Deck Season 10 reunion. Bravo's official statement was that the reunion was canceled due to scheduling conflicts. Prior to their announcement that there would not be a reunion, there was a lot of animosity between Captain Lee and Captain Sandy. While Lee was live tweeting the finale, he said that the way Captain Sandy fired crew member Camille Lamb was disrespectful since she should have run it by him first.

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Fraser Olender cleaning out a drink mixer behind the bar on 'Below Deck'
Source: Bravo

Fraser Olender

There has been no official news about the reunion for Season 11 of 'Below Deck,' just whispers.

With the lack of announcement again this season combined with the breakdown of Barbie Pascual's Instagram live session, it seems most likely that there will be no Season 11 reunion. This is the second show over the past month that has not had a reunion. A new series, The Valley, won't get a reunion special either, despite desires from viewers and a few cast members. There is a lot that lives unresolved with the Below Deck crew, and it's unfortunate that fans won't get to see them get hashed out.

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