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Source: YouTube

Trolling YouTubers Are Finding Their Accounts Terminated Without Warning


YouTube has never been good at handling controversies or sudden changes in their policies. If you saw the dumpster fire that was adpocolypse, then you know the platform hasn't really gotten better since.

Recently, YouTube has been suspending accounts it claims are violating the platform's community guidelines. Users like XboxAddictionz find their channel has been deleted without warning, and these users want to know why.

XboxAddictionz is a troll gaming channel.

Before his account was suspended, XboxAddictions uploaded primarily gaming videos for Minecraft, GTA, and Fortnite. Usually, he would mess with the younger kids also playing the game, trolling them to get laughable content for a video.

XboxAddictionz had over 3.6 million subscribers on his channel before YouTube terminated it on Dec. 5, 2019. The announcement came to his followers through his Twitter account, where he claimed he had no strikes against his channel before it was taken down.