Relationship Goals Have Leveled Up — Wife Creates Home Arcade Experience for Husband

A hard-working wife took the time to set up a home arcade experience for her equally hard-working husband. His reaction is pure relationship goals.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 25 2023, Published 8:35 p.m. ET

When two romantic partners know each other really well, they can have a pretty good handle on each other's wants and needs. And if one of them is feeling especially down, the other may just surprise them with a nice gesture to remind them of how appreciated they really are.

To that end, Mack on TikTok (@mackpharmd) just raised the bar for relationship goals with her husband.

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She and her husband Lem are both hard-working doctors who love to play video games with each other during their downtime. But during a time when Lem was feeling especially burnt out, Mack went above and beyond by recreating an entire home arcade experience for him. Lem's reaction is nothing short of priceless. She shared the whole thing on TikTok.

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A wife made an entire home arcade experience for her husband.

In her video posted in mid-September 2023, Mack chronicled her entire day as she prepared a cozy home gaming experience for her husband. At the time, he was working a 12-hour shift at a "dead-end job that her f------ hates." That plus the fact that she was on a long weekend from her own job gave her the perfect opportunity to put everything together in secret.

She decided to act as a "concierge" at an arcade to ask what kind of snacks and drinks he might want for a night of gaming a relaxation. However, Mack decided to go all out.

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She created an entire elaborate set-up with signage rife with inside jokes between the two of them. Taped to the front window of their home was a sign labeling their house "Lem's Arcade." She also prepared a set of pillows, blankets, and a comfy change of clothes for him at their gaming setup so that he could jump into gaming and relaxation mode as soon as he got home from work. She even made sure to charge his PS5 controller all the while.

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But Mack didn't stop there. She took the time to write out a menu of Lem's favorite snacks and drinks for him to peruse and order from at his leisure. She even attached price points to each item on the menu with "smoochies" as the only acceptable currency at her makeshift establishment. As you could have probably guessed, she was fully stocked with everything on the list.

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Mack even filmed Lem's reaction to the whole setup. In the video, you can already hear him laughing hysterically at the "Lem's Arcade" sign before he even enters the house. He can barely keep it together when actually sees Mack set up like a concierge waiting to escort him to his seat and take his order.

Lem is more than happy to play along with the gesture, putting in his order for snacks and drinks that Mack will later provide. His initial tab of snacks totals 56 smoochies, which is a steep but fair price in this economy.

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At the end of the video, Mack catches a quick look at Lem who had fallen asleep while playing Baldur's Gate 3, and deems her home arcade a "great success."

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As if that weren't heartwarming enough, this couple is no stranger to surprise romantic gestures with each other. Back in late April, Lem set up a little surprise celebration for Mack's birthday complete with a bubble machine, banners, dozens of flowers, and a red velvet birthday cake. He was even thoughtful enough to time it earlier than her actual birthday, as Mack stated at the time that their busy work schedules meant they couldn't celebrate together on the day of.

It's safe to say that most of us will be back to see if this adorable married couple can top each other in grand romantic gestures. They are just too cute!

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