“I Expect a Man to Pay for the Entire Date” — Woman’s Dating Rule Sparks Debate

A woman got TikTok users riled up after delineating her reasoning for why men should pay for dates, including Uber rides.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Aug. 10 2023, Published 9:48 a.m. ET

Woman Says Men Should Pay for Dates, Including Uber Rides
Source: TikTok | @itsgabbyfe

People have really strong opinions when it comes to the concept of love and how that's managed to transmogrify into what modern dating is. The expectations of folks in the relationship, particularly in dating dynamics, often devolve into an online battle of the sexes.

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In many cases, it seems like women are more concerned with whether or not the man in question is able to pay for them to have the finer things in life versus whether or not they actually have a legitimate spark between the two of them.

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This appears to be the case with TikToker Gabby Fe (@itsgabbyfe) who uploaded a viral clip where she delineated her reasoning for why she thinks that a man shouldn't just pay for dinner, but for her Uber rides as well.

Source: TikTok | @itsgabbyfe
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She speaks directly into the camera in the video, stating: "I expect to pay for the date," but then clarified she isn't just talking about the meal, she means every single part of the date, down to private transportation for her to get to the place they're meeting up at, and her getting back home.

"Yes, the whole entire date. That includes my Uber to the date and my Uber back to my house. If you are a man that I'm interested in, I wanna see that you can provide for me, I wanna see that you can afford an Uber ride."

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She continued to delineate her parameters for being romantically connected to someone, stating that a large part of this romantic interest is deeply rooted in an individual's ability to cover her financial wants.

men should pay for whole date
Source: TikTok | @itsgabbyfe
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"I wanna see that you can afford a nice dinner date. Like, can you afford basic things cause if you can't afford dinner and an Uber, my transportation, you certainly can't afford kids. You certainly can't afford a house. You certainly can't afford my bills. And I got bills to pay, okay?"

A majority of commenters who saw the clip didn't seem to think that the woman was making reasonable requests: "You are asking for quite a lot, sir," one TikTok user wrote.

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Another TikToker thought that she was jumping the gun a bit talking about kids and a house when she was simply going on an initial date with someone: "you worried bout a kids a house bro, it’s the first date"

One user said that the woman should be happy if she managed to get a date in the first place: "Gng is lucky if she can get a date"

However, according to a follow-up TikTok that she uploaded to her account, she says that she was headed to a third date with a man who had no issues paying for dinner and her Uber ride.

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Source: TikTok | @itsgabbyfe

The video shows her wearing a pink blouse with her hair in curls as she stares into the camera making various faces. However, numerous other comments thought that she was lying about going on a date and was merely fronting on the platform to save face.

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"So.... going for coffee on your own again then enjoy," one person wrote.

"She is as credible as Carlee Russell," someone else said, referencing the Alabama woman who staged her own kidnapping.

"Things that never happened for $100 Alex," someone else penned.

Someone else just couldn't seem to understand why in the world Gabby felt the need to lie in such a blatantly obvious fashion: "Why she gotta cap this hard?"

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