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Source: The CW

Woman "Dodges Bullet" on First Date by Intentionally Pulling out Last Minute as a "Test"


The world of modern romance can be a cesspool. You've got throngs of people who were hurt in past relationships and given into bitterness (whether they realize it or not) and begin to subconsciously protect themselves from getting hurt by others — so they start pulling weird "power plays" in order to make sure they aren't hurt again. Or maybe they're doing it consciously, like so many people are saying this woman who bragged about her "test" for first dates on Twitter did.

Maia Bittner screencapped a conversation she had with a guy asking if he could reschedule a date last minute and gauged his reaction. It's important to note that her message included a mention of work and that her business had moved up a product launch, which intones that she meant to see whether or not this potential love interest would value her career.

The guy's response, however, had Maia thinking that she "dodged a bullet."