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Woman "Dodges Bullet" on First Date by Intentionally Pulling out Last Minute as a "Test"



The world of modern romance can be a cesspool. You've got throngs of people who were hurt in past relationships and given into bitterness (whether they realize it or not) and begin to subconsciously protect themselves from getting hurt by others — so they start pulling weird "power plays" in order to make sure they aren't hurt again. Or maybe they're doing it consciously, like so many people are saying this woman who bragged about her "test" for first dates on Twitter did.

Maia Bittner screencapped a conversation she had with a guy asking if he could reschedule a date last minute and gauged his reaction. It's important to note that her message included a mention of work and that her business had moved up a product launch, which intones that she meant to see whether or not this potential love interest would value her career.

The guy's response, however, had Maia thinking that she "dodged a bullet."

The man couldn't believe that she would pull out at the last second and not respect his time, and the guy even mentioned that he believes "work comes first" but the fact she pulled out so "late" was a "disrespectful" move. Maia seems convinced that she did the right thing — and judging from the fella's reply, it looks like he thinks he's in the right too.

But judging from the comments, it seems like Maia's Twitter brag backfired spectacularly.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

On the one hand, lying to someone right off the bat and putting forward a "test" of their character does seem like a pretty manipulative trait. But I could totally understand where Maia is coming from; the world of online dating can be frustrating and, I say this without hyperbole, downright dangerous, especially for women.

But if you want to test someone's character, maybe pulling mental mind games on them from the very beginning says more about you than it does them?

This has led several people on Twitter to say that it wasn't Maia who dodged the bullet in this scenario, but the dude himself.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Others pointed out how this kind of game will ultimately not work in Maia's favor because, in weeding out people who have self-respect, she's only condemning herself to a dating pool of needy people who are willing to do everything that she says. Which might sound like a satisfying relationship to a power-mongering individual, but it ultimately won't fulfill you. How could you respect someone like that in the long run?

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The only criticism most people gave of the guy was the fact that there was a difference between a regular shower and a first date shower. Why is it such a big deal that he got himself all cleaned up? Don't people shower every day anyway? I mean, I don't, but that's besides the point.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

It just didn't seem to go well for Maia and the more you scroll down her feed, the more it became apparent that people weren't really feeling the mental games she was setting from the get-go in pitting a potential love interest against her career. 

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Who do you think was in the wrong in this exchange? Does Maia need to look deep down inside herself and acknowledge she's got some personal problems to sort out? Or did her plan work and did she, in fact, actually dodge a bullet?

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