Woman Warns Young People About the Dangers of Driving Without Insurance

A woman on TikTok warns young people about the dangers of driving without insurance. She lays out her full story and what happened to her car.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 17 2023, Published 4:47 p.m. ET

For many, earning a driver's license can feel like a rite of passage. After going through some rigorous practice, sitting through important safety lectures, and wading through the collective nightmare that is the DMV, you finally earn the state ID that lets you do quite a lot. Of course, that naturally includes being able to drive a car on your own. It can be an important step in adulting to be able to start driving on your own and maintain some independence, and many relish in that idea.

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However, there are still quite a few things to consider other than simply having access to a car. Those lessons that you learned might have been boring, but they could also be the only thing standing between you and an accident. Then there's the thought of having to get car insurance. It might not occur to you at first, either that or you may not want to even think about the cost, but car insurance can also be a lifesaver. Just ask this woman on TikTok, who warns young people about driving without insurance.

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Woman warns young people about driving without insurance.

Kelli Amirah on TikTok (@kelliamirah) has some important words of advice for any "20-something(s) with a motor vehicle." In her initial video, Kelli spoke about the dangers of "riding dirty," which in this case means "driving without insurance."

She prefaced by explaining that she completely understands if you're not in a financial position to afford insurance.

"Times are tough and sometimes you gotta go without," she began.

However, she went on to advise anyone with a car and some unchecked government requirements to "handle that before it becomes a problem."

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Unfortunately, Kelli drew from experience when offering this advice. According to her, she had gone out for karaoke on her birthday weekend. And of course, the last thing anyone should have to deal with on their birthday is car troubles.

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At the time, she had parked in what she thought was a legal parking spot. Unfortunately, the spot turned out to be illegal and her van was towed away. When she tried to retrieve her car from the impound lot, she was asked to provide proof of insurance, which she did not have.

Her car had to sit at the impound lot while she sorted everything out, with the fear of accumulating storage fees at the lot hanging in the back of her mind. Luckily, she had a pretty positive update in a follow-up.

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In her second video, Kelli revealed that she was able to get her car back a week later. The only bad thing was that the whole ordeal set her back approximately $1,000, much of which came from the birthday money she had received. As if to add insult to injury, however, she left the lot having somehow gotten a flat tire.

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We've heard of getting a car for your birthday, but getting a car *back* on your birthday at your own expense isn't exactly how you'd want a car to happen. And as you might expect, she was eager to take it out again. In a third video, she summed up the issues with her car insurance all while taking an early morning trip to the beach to catch the sunrise.

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Kelli and her boyfriend were both in the car driving by 1:56 a.m. in order to make it in time for the 6:21 a.m. sunrise. Luckily, they made it with only minutes to spare to catch a somewhat-cloudy but still picturesque sunrise.

While Kelli's story has a happy ending, her advice on car insurance should certainly not go unheeded.

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