"I Met Up With a Random Guy in a Parking Lot": Lady Fears the Wrong Moving Truck Picked Up Her Car

A woman shared her concerns that the wrong truck picked up her car when she was trying to move. Here's what happened and where the car is now.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 16 2023, Updated 5:56 p.m. ET

In the long-running age of the internet, it's important for folks to double-check their information when it comes to handling their valuables. People have shared plenty of horror stories about losing the contents of their storage units, finding secret savings accounts tied to their identities, or even losing out on their booked vacation after someone uses their name to check in. When we keep track of so many things online, it's important to always keep tabs on what's going on with our stuff.

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Of course, not many people would expect this sort of thing to happen with their cars. After all, it would be difficult to lose track of such a large and important item that literally has a number that can be used to track it.

However, Kat Wellington on TikTok (@washyourpillowcases) had a mini heart attack over just this scenario. When entrusting a truck service to move her car across state lines, Kat began to worry that the wrong truck picked up her car. Here's what ended up happening.

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A woman on TikTok worries that the wrong truck picked up her car.

Kat shared details of her extended ordeal on TikTok. In finalizing a move from Maryland to California, she met with a "random guy in a parking lot" and gave him her car.

Imagine her surprise when she got a text from the company saying that they were coming to pick up her car. You know, the car that was already picked up?

When Kat told them that her car was already in someone else's hands, even the service seemed confused at the sequence of events. She then led herself to believe that her car was in the wind.

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"I'm just kind of wondering if I will ever see my Rav 4 again," she worried in her initial TikTok. "I love her so much and I'm happy that she's having this independent journey, but I would like to have it back."

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In a quick follow-up, she was able to get some clarification from the company. According to Kat, there was some miscommunication on the company's part. They had apparently texted the wrong person when trying to provide updates on the car.

Unfortunately, it was cold comfort for Kat, who was still worried about the state of her car.

"It doesn't necessarily make me feel better," she admitted. She even revealed that she was told that she would be able to have tracking on the car. Unfortunately, the person who picked up the car told a different story, telling her that they don't provide tracking.

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Luckily, good news was on the horizon. Kat later found out that her car was in Jackson, Miss., which was at least more or less on the way to her new location. She even received an update stating that the car would arrive at her new place in California later that night.

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"I feel really good about [getting my car back]," she stated at the time. "But I'm curious to see if all of my [stuff] is in it because I did pack it."

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Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. True to the company's word, she received her car later that night. She has since posted updates on her new place in California. With no complaints about missing items, we can assume that the stuff she had packed in the car.

Despite her harrowing Dude, Where's My Car? story, Kat was luckily able to reunite with her precious Rav 4.

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