Woman Says Her Storage Units Were Auctioned off While She Was out of the Country

A woman's storage unit gets auctioned while she was vacationing out of the country. She reveals the entire ordeal and divulges interesting details.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 15 2023, Published 5:35 p.m. ET

What do you do when you have a whole bunch of things and no room for them in your home or your space? Some people might rent out storage units. Whether you're a home decor fanatic who loves to have multiple set-ups on standby, need to declutter your abode, or prefer extra space around you, a storage unit can be an excellent option for storing away some of your valuables or belongings. If you rent out one of these oversized cubbies, they can be incredibly useful to keep things tidy.

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Of course, renting them out can be tricky and fickle. If you're not careful with your contracts or you don't pay close attention, you may end up putting your storage unit at risk.

Unfortunately, @ayoohalle on TikTok learned that the hard way. While she was away from home and in another country, this woman found out that her storage unit had been auctioned off without her getting notified beforehand. She took to TikTok to share her story and what she's trying to do about it.

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A woman's storage unit was auctioned off while she was out of the country.

OP shared the entire fiasco on a TikTok in mid-August 2023. At the time, she was vacationing in Nice, France, when she was notified by her AirTags that the things in her storage unit had been moved.

When she tried to call the company where she rented her storage unit, Supreme Relocation Systems LLC, things just got weirder. According to her, the company as a whole was permanently closed with their contacts no longer active.

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In a spot of good news, she was able to locate her things thanks to her AirTags. Unfortunately, she had no way of proving that the things were hers and no previous company to reference.

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"[I'm] just in Europe trying not to think about it because there's nothing [I] can do. But also, how do you not think about the fact that you just lost everything you own?" she complained.

However, she would later divulge some key details to shed light on the conundrum. In a follow-up, she revealed that she was "delinquent" on her payments. However, she claims to have set up an autopay on their confusing payment platform and had been trying to ensure that her payment attempts were going through properly. Speaking to the police didn't help, as authorities simply focused on the fact that she was late on the payments she was trying to make.

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In another update, OP readily admitted that her stuff getting auctioned off was all "in accordance with the contract and the law," but that the lack of real communication over the status of her worldly possessions was what gave her pause. She might have truly considered herself in the wrong if she refused to pay, but she had been actively trying to make sure she was paying.

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While some commenters have confused OP for simply having not paid, many have been showing her support over this difficult time.

"I would definitely contact a lawyer because there is a big difference between just refusing to pay and trying to pay but not being able to," one person commented.

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As of this writing, OP is trying to "exhaust every resource" to see if she can get her stuff back. She admitted to not being interested in any legal action, but also wants her ordeal to serve as a cautionary tale.

"Read your contracts and just know that typically, these companies give you 30 days," she warned in one of her TikToks. "30 days is all it takes to lose everything that you own."

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