A Woman Wears an AirTag to Her Bachelorette Party, Sparking Praise for a New Life Hack

We all have that one friend who does the most after they’ve had a few drinks. One woman’s friends found a life hack to make their nights out easier.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Published 6:07 p.m. ET

No matter how wild a night gets, the expectation is always set that everyone attending the event together gets back home in one piece. The expectation is especially true when celebrating a friend’s milestones, including their wedding day.

As brides and grooms everywhere prepare for their upcoming weddings, many brides-to-be are grabbing their girls and toasting their last few moments as single ladies.

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One future bride’s pals knew going in she would take a little too much advantage of her previous hoorah once they began bar-hopping.

To combat their friend’s future shenanigans, she wore an item that everyone needs to have in their arsenal, whether you’re getting married or deserve big fun.

Intoxicated woman on the ground at a bachelorette party.
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A bride-to-be wore an AirTag at a bar so her friends could track her at her bachelorette party.

People-watching at bars is one of my favorite past times. As the night goes on, it becomes more and more enjoyable to watch drunken interactions between strangers and, of course, create scenarios for all of them with friends!

One fellow people-watcher is Ava (@ava.graziano) on TikTok. Ava and I could hang because not only does she peep at what strangers are doing, but she also records them!

While visiting Nashville, the New York–based TikToker recorded a quick video of a group of friends at BarStool Nashville for what appeared to be a bachelorette party — considering one girl wore a sash. We're assuming she was the bride-to-be.

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As the bride-to-be was chatting with her friends, Ava zoomed in on her as she climbed onto a barstool. At first it looks like a lock is attached to her dress, like the ones we needed for our 7th-grade lockers. But if you look closer, you’ll see it's actually an AirTag!

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“To this girl in Barstool Nashville wearing an AirTag: I hope you find your way home,” Ava wrote in the post.

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The AirTag premise received mixed reviews on TikTok.

AirTags have become a popular Apple product for those who struggle to find keys or keep up with a pet’s whereabouts. The tags have a tracking device that allows users to track whatever they attach to the AirTag so they can find it rather than searching for hours on end.

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The device’s ability to track anything, or anyone, attached to it is likely why either the bride or her bachelorettes thought it would be best to keep her close. Underneath Ava’s TikTok, many of her followers felt the friends’ possible decision was admirable, especially when several users could relate to being the “wanderer” of their friend group.

“I have one of those too … attaching an AirTag to them is genius!” one user exclaimed.

“Why am I so impressed by her friends for doing this?” a fellow bride wondered.

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While plenty of followers praised the friends, others felt they were doing the most. Multiple users compared the bride’s friends to parents who put their children on leashes. Some also suggested the friends try using her phone to track her instead of a highly noticeable device like the AirTag.

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“It’s almost like our phones can’t share locations 😳,” one commenter wrote.

“Adult equivalent of the backpack leash for kids,” another observed.

Whether the idea was the bride’s or not, it was definitely a great life hack for those friends you just have to keep an eye on.

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