The Biggest 'Storage Wars' Locker Find? $7.5 Million in Cold, Hard Cash

'Storage Wars' star Dan Dotson has found some big treasures in various storage units over the years. What are some of the biggest locker finds?

Olivia Hebert - Author

Jun. 21 2023, Published 9:22 a.m. ET

Dan Dotson from 'Storage Wars' standing in front of a storage locker
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On Storage Wars, Dan Dotson and his co-stars have found some wacky treasures in various storage units.

The show follows professional storage buyers visiting storage facilities throughout the state and bidding on storage lockers. Before each storage locker auction begins, the buyers are allowed five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway, but the catch is that they can't enter the locker or touch any of the items.

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Although members of the show have found plenty of odd treasures, the biggest locker find will make your jaw drop. It wasn't technically on the show, but Dan was directly involved. Keep reading for all the details!

The biggest locker find technically wasn't on 'Storage Wars,' but Dan Dotson was the auctioneer.

A still from 'Storage Wars'
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While the contents of the lockers auctioned on Storage Wars vary, professional storage buyers like Dan are bound to find something interesting. The biggest find actually occurred off-camera while Dan was auctioneering an event. A buyer paid $500 for a storage unit that turned out to possess much more.

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In 2018, Dotson explained to The Blast, "An older Asian woman at the table next to me kept looking at me like she wanted to tell me something.”

"Eventually she walked up and told me her husband works with a guy who bought a unit from me for $500 and found a safe inside.”

After the man hired a locksmith to break the safe open, they discovered a whopping $7.5 million cash inside the safe.

Shortly after the find, the new owner received a phone call from the attorney of the former owner of the storage unit. At first, the woman was offered $600,000 to have the money returned, but the offer was later doubled to $1.2 million.

The new owner accepted the offer and returned the storage unit (including the cash) to the original owner.

On the ordeal, Dan's co-star Rene Nezhoda, the owner of Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, commented, "If you find money like that, there's probably a reason it isn't in the bank."

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Dave bought a storage unit on 'Storage Wars' full of newspapers from a special date.

A still from 'Storage Wars'
Source: Hulu

When Dave Hester bought a storage unit for just $600, he wasn't expecting to find stacks and stacks of old newspapers. But there was a commonality binding this collection of newspapers together. They were all published on the same date: Aug. 16, 1977, the day Elvis died.

“This could be big,” Dave said at the time. "This is something that’s going to add up to hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars.”

As it turns out, after Dave started to sell the newspapers for $12 each, he eventually made around $75,000 off the newspaper stash. That's obviously quite a bit less than $7.5 million, but nothing to scoff at!

Here's hoping someone on Storage Wars has an even bigger find than the $7.5 million someday ... and that the cameras are actually rolling when they do!

Storage Wars airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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