Woman Is Shook to the Core After Receiving a Hilariously Disastrous Blowout

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Dec. 15 2023, Published 11:18 a.m. ET

Are you in search of the ultimate confidence booster? Well, look no further than a good hair day! Research indicates that a great hair day is associated with "feeling more productive, less stressed, more rested, more socially powerful, more resilient, physically stronger, and more in control."

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However, let's face it — not every day is destined to be a spectacular hair day. Just ask TikTok creator Maggie Hughes DePalo (@maggiehughesdepal), who hilariously shared that her recent salon blowout left her feeling more "disturbed" than delighted. Check out the disastrous results below!

A woman with extremely frizzy hair.
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This woman's "pretty disturbing" blowout left her with a wild hairdo!

In the now-viral video, posted on Nov. 7, 2023, Maggie explained that she was recently "involved in a very unfortunate situation." Venturing into a new boutique for a blowout seemed like a brilliant idea at first, but oh boy, was she in for a surprise! Unfamiliar with the salon's routine, Maggie found herself in a chaotic whirlwind of events.

Recalling the ordeal, Maggie narrated how she underwent a disorderly hair-washing session, followed by an ambush of hairdressers armed with round brushes. The sheer abundance of brushes reached comical levels, with the TikToker joking that, at one point, her head was practically kissing the ground. To add to the absurdity, as she finally managed to lift her head, Maggie discovered another stylist showering her hair with what looked like white powder.

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The woman who was doing Maggie's hair then abruptly abandoned her post to answer the door. As if that weren't enough, the salon doubled as a purse shop, conducting business with multiple people throughout the entire appointment. Summing it up, Maggie said the experience was hectic and added that there was "a lot going on."

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"When I left, let's just say it wasn't exactly what I had anticipated, but I was too afraid to ask for the manager," Maggie said, claiming that she didn't want to be a headline-making "Karen" causing chaos on the evening news.

Maggie ended the video with a PSA to women worldwide, advising, "If you are unhappy with something, you should say something." She concluded by revealing a snapshot of her post-appointment hair, and she wasn't exaggerating when she called it "pretty disturbing." Her hair had gained so much volume that it almost reached the roof of her car!

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TikTok didn't hold back in sharing their comedic reactions to Maggie's hair.

At the time of writing, Maggie's video has amassed over 1.4 million views. The clip also garnered an impressive influx of over 8,300 comments from fellow TikTokers, all chiming in with their reactions to the tragic blowout.

"Where did you go? The 80s?" one TikToker said in the comment section.

"Is this a boutique in Whoville? 🥰🥰😍"
Source: TikTok
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A second TikTok user quipped, "You didn't step into a salon... you stepped into a time machine."

"That wasn't a hair blower, it was a leaf blower," a third TikToker teased.

Someone else replied, "I apologize for thinking you were being over dramatic… you were way too chill."

"Should never ever be afraid to report a crime," another user joked. "Always speak up. Be brave."

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"I don’t know what I expected but nothing could have prepared me for this"
Source: TikTok

A fifth TikToker chimed in, "Maggie, respectfully, nothing could have prepared me for this."

"When I say I laughed out loud. Oh, girl," one person shared. "Thank you for documenting this!!!"

"This might be one of the funniest things I've ever seen, I'm so sorry," responded a final TikTok user alongside three crying emojis. Yeah, we actually laughed out loud too — but here's to hoping Maggie's hair has been tamed!

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