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Source: Instagram

These Throwback Photos of Your Favorite YouTubers Are So Heartwarming


Coming home for the holidays always provides for some major throwbacks. Between having to sleep in your childhood bedroom, constantly being surrounded by family photos at your parents' house, and  — of course — still getting in fights with your now-adult siblings, the holidays always provide for serious nostalgia.

Adorable photos of YouTubers as babies:

And since all of our favorite internet personalities and online creators are also in the midst of celebrating the holiday season right now, let's go back in time and see what they looked like back in the day... these throwbacks showing YouTubers' baby photos are beyond adorable.

1. Emma Chamberlain

Source: Instagram

The difference between baby Emma and adult Emma is striking. As a child, she was a blue-eyed blondie with a curly head of hair, and let's face it — she had the most adorably chubby cheeks ever. Little did she know she'd eventually become one of the most famous YouTubers of 2019.