Zach Bryan's Complete Dating History — Past Romances to Present Love

Sarah Walsh - Author

Dec. 26 2023, Published 3:23 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Zach Bryan's journey into love began with his marriage to Rose Madden in July 2020.
  • Unfortunately, the couple got a divorce in July 2021.
  • Fans are obsessed with his latest romance with Brianna Chickenfry!
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In the harmonious world of country singer Zach Bryan, love, like his soulful tunes, has taken unexpected twists and turns. The spotlight is now on his current flame, Brianna Chickenfry.

First, let's rewind the melodic tape and explore the notes of his dating history, from the chords of marriage to the heartfelt ballads of heartbreak. Keep reading for all of the details.

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Zach actually got married to Rose Madden in 2020.

Zach Bryan's journey into the realm of love crescendoed in July 2020 when he exchanged vows with Rose Madden. However, much like the transient nature of his poignant lyrics, their marital melody met an untimely cadence, leading to a divorce by July 2021. The duo's private lives transitioned from marital bliss to individual pursuits, each taking their separate paths after the serendipitous encounter that once joined their hearts.

After releasing "DeAnn" and "Elisabeth," Bryan's career soared to new heights, spotlighted by his Grand Ole Opry debut in April 2021. The echoes of his music became a soundtrack to his life, influencing his decision to leave the U.S. Navy and focus solely on his musical aspirations. As Bryan's songs resonated across audiences, his personal life took center stage, and the love ballad with Rose found its final chord.

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After his divorce, Zach Bryan dated Deb Peifer.

Following the quiet notes of separation from Rose, Zach found a new rhythm with Deb Peifer. Their love story unfolded in glimpses shared on social media, featuring candid moments and the warmth of companionship. Yet, even as fans reveled in the snapshots of their lives, the chords of romance fell silent.

In May 2023, Bryan took to social media to announce their separation, emphasizing the mutual respect and cherished memories that marked the end of their journey together. The melody of their connection, once vibrant, now echoes softly in the corridors of Bryan's romantic repertoire.

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Zach is currently dating Brianna Chickenfry.

A new verse began with Brianna Chickenfry. Their paths first crossed at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023, where the initial spark ignited. However, the flames remained unattended until fate brought them onstage together in June, setting the stage for a budding connection.

Brianna Chickenfry, a Barstool Sports personality and TikTok sensation, entered the narrative. She confirmed their relationship on her podcast, PlanBri Uncut, in July 2023.

Their romance, described as "fun" and "casual," gained momentum as the summer unfolded. The intertwining of Zach's soulful melodies and Brianna's infectious energy resonated not only on stage but also across social media. Despite facing the scrutiny of the online world, Zach and Brianna are still going strong.

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Zach's love story unfolds like a captivating melody, from past heartbreaks to the present crescendo of romance with Brianna. As fans eagerly await the next verses of this musical romance, the chapters of Zach's love life remain an open book, promising an exciting and harmonious journey ahead.

What's next for Zach and his relationship with Brianna? We don't know exactly, but we're here for it!

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