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Trump 'Furious' After Calls For His Impeachment Trend On Twitter

By Sebastian Fortino

President Trump did not have a great holiday weekend. He's "furious" about certain hashtags. 


You would be too, if you were president. Both  #25thAmendmentNow and #25thAmendment are calls by Twitter followers to oust the president from office. This comes after a series of anti-media comments and tweets the president has released upon the public.  You cannot be too surprised though, usually when someone starts a war of words, they should be prepared for the backlash that comes with it.  Especially when the other side is the main stream media pretty much in its entirety.  

A little knowledge: the 25th Amendment isn't the act which impeaches a sitting president. It's a framework for what happens if the president were to leave office -- due to death, resignation, or impeachment, etc.