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Trump 'Furious' After Calls For His Impeachment Trend On Twitter

Trump 'Furious' After Calls For His Impeachment Trend On Twitter
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12 months ago

President Trump did not have a great holiday weekend. He's "furious" about certain hashtags. 


You would be too, if you were president. Both  #25thAmendmentNow and #25thAmendment are calls by Twitter followers to oust the president from office. This comes after a series of anti-media comments and tweets the president has released upon the public. 

A little knowledge: the 25th Amendment isn't the act which impeaches a sitting president. It's a framework for what happens if the president were to leave office -- due to death, resignation, or impeachment, etc. 

What may be bothering Trump more: there's an article within the amendment which allows the vice-president and Congress to make the decision to remove him from office. The public has grown a little unsettled, especially with his tweeting a badly rendered gif of him physically attacking a personification of CNN. 

twitter, twitter

Classy. Really classy...

While impeachment is unlikely, given the fact the GOP has control of the House, the people of twitter were happy to at least spread the word about the hashtag. 

Still, some dared to dream.

Others apologized to the world for the president's behavior.

twitter twitter

And some commenters even gloated, just a little bit. It was a holiday weekend, after all.

And, some users celebrated being blocked by the POTUS.

No matter how twitter followers commented, they celebrated Freedom of the Press. Something we as Americans should be proud of, everyday. 

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H/T: TheDailyDottwitter

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