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Elon Musk Tells A Tesla Fan They're Wrong For One Surprising Reason

Elon Musk Tells A Tesla Fan They're Wrong For One Surprising Reason
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Updated 5 months ago

When dealing with true geniuses, you always have to bring your A-game. When you're right, it's definitely possible that a fellow intelligent person will see the merit in your idea and will implement it, or improve upon it, in some way.

But if you're wrong, they'll often have no problem telling you that they differ in opinion or perspective. 

And when it comes to brilliant minds in tech, it doesn't get much bigger, better, or revolutionary than Elon Musk.

Like when he acknowledged a customer's complaint and provided a solution for it in under a week.

But Musk doesn't subscribe to the belief that the customer is always right, apparently.

When this guy tweeted at Musk asking for a standard speedometer in the upcoming Tesla Model 3 all-electric car, Musk offered this terse reply. 

When the guy pressed Musk, he got the same treatment, showing that Musk stands by his company's choices.

And when the customer insisted that they would prefer a centralized speedometer like pretty much every car in the world, Musk told the customer what he wanted.

If he comes off a bit rude, he's not the only visionary who's been known to be rough around the edges. 

Musk did reveal that Tesla's going hard after autonomous driving, likening the experience of being in a Model 3 to riding around in a taxi.

The Model 3 will retail for $35,000 (around $42k for an optioned out one) before any government incentives or rebates, and it'll be available in limited supply for early adopters in July of 2017. It'll be outfitted with the same autopilot technology as the Model S and X. 

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