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Here's How One Man Built His Own iPhone From Scratch

By Mustafa Gatollari

I'm an annoying phone snob. A tech snob, really. Full disclosure, too: I'm somewhat of an Apple hater. No I'm not the kind of Android fanboy that's going to go around and start declaring that anything Apple makes is garbage. There are definitely things that Apple gets right with the iPhone: they all use the same software iterations, so you know if someone's getting an iPhone update then you're getting it too. That's not the same with Android because there are so many different phone manufacturers using the operating system.

My biggest problem with Apple is value. You spend a hell of a lot of money and in my personal opinion, you don't really get that much for it. 

But if there was a way to get Apple's products for a fairer price, I may be more inclined to get them, as I think many other potential buyers would be, too. Which is why this guy's video is so fascinating.