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Trump Gave An Awkward, Slurred Speech Yesterday, And Trevor Noah Has A Theory

Trump Gave An Awkward, Slurred Speech Yesterday, And Trevor Noah Has A Theory
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7 months ago

In a move that basically everyone thinks will lead to dangerous conflict between Israel and Palestine, Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that U.S. would be moving its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv where it currently sits. CNN reports that protests have already broken out, and pundits say this will completely destabilize the region and undermine any efforts towards peace between the two nations. 

It's a very, very scary thing to do. With Mike Pence standing behind him at an angle that made him look like Trump's second head, Trump slurred his way through his announcement. This is leading people to ask: What is wrong with him, in every sense of the question?

On Wednesday night, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah brought up the strange mouth problems that Trump appeared to be having through his speech, and he's pretty sure that Trump is wearing dentures and they're trying to escape his mouth. Considering what comes out of it, that's completely understandable.

If you want a close up, here it is:

Noah joked that it seemed like Trump was hit by a blow dart just before he went up to the podium, or he'd been roofied by Bill Cosby. That joke doesn't go over too well. But Noah's hashtag campaign has.

"Think about it: fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan. There’s no part of [Trump’s] body that’s real," says Noah. "There’s no shame in having dentures. But there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures, because he’s vain as hell. Can you imagine how he would feel if people started tweeting #DentureDonald? Don’t do it, don’t do it, I’m just saying can you imagine how he’d feel. But don’t do it, guys, he’s very sensitive, ok?"

It's almost like people don't care about hurting the president's feelings, based on the flood of #DentureDonald tweets out there today:

It's true, there is no shame in wearing dentures. But if Donald Trump is gonna fall apart right before our eyes, it seems many people would be happy if it started with his mouth.

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