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Source: YouTube

Daisy Ridley Just Admitted She's Never Seen A Kazoo—And Then She Tried To Play One


Being a huge star has many perks. For instance, Daisy Ridley got a free kazoo from Pop Buzz, an instrument it seems like she'd never heard of in her entire life. That's right: She made it to 25 years old, lived a pretty cultured life as the star of one of the world's biggest movie franchises and somehow... She has never seen kazoo. She's never even heard of it. So, as you can imagine, she has definitely never played one. But that didn't stop her from trying her hardest when she was handed one. Allow us to walk you through the series of events. 

As part of a series of challenges for The Last Jedi actress, the interviewer asks if she can play the Star Wars theme song on the kazoo, to which she asks, "What is that?" It's very cute, especially because she's a total kazoo natural, despite approximately zero years of training — formally, professionally, or otherwise. Don't believe us? See for yourself: