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27 Text Messages That Went From 0 To Creepy In An Instant

27 Text Messages That Went From 0 To Creepy In An Instant
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Updated 4 months ago

Every once in awhile I'm alerted to a new "thing" I wish I could un-discover. In this case, it's the subreddit /r/creepyasterisks, which is where people share the most cringe-inducing messages from people trying to force them into role-play. It's denoted by asterisks that bracket the action:

Now, plenty of people do this for fun, and that's totally cool! Two people consenting to have text-sex via a detailed messaging system is what phones were invented for. But if you're just popping into someone's DMs so you can write about grabbing their breasts, you are a big creeper and should feel deeply ashamed. 

Especially because sometimes people know who you are in real life, and they want nothing to do with you:

Some of these forceable role-players are just living in an alternate reality because they can't handle what creeps they are in real life.

Or they have some very specific fantasies:

But most are just really awkward.

If you think calling someone a "silly nugget" is hot there's no hope for you:

It always goes from zero to 100 immediately:

Unless they didn't mean it, of course!

Some people don't even know they know role-players until it's too late.

Though some people try to help role-players escape their own traps.

Does this stuff actually work??

I guess it's understandable that some folks are compassionate—even someone in your own family could be a creep.

But it's always a sign of bad things to come.

But even if you're just trying to be cute, read the room:

It's not cute!

YOU'RE the birch, buddy.

Just. Don't.

Maybe it's easier to play along.

*rolls eyes*

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