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Source: Twitter

Forever 21 Gets Dragged for Posting a White Model in a 'Black Panther' Sweater

By Pippa Raga

Screengrabs are forever, Forever 21 learned today, after deleting an offensive tweet that marketed their new "Wakanda Forever" sweater by using an unambiguously white, blond model. 

They've also changed their website imagery to feature just the sweater, which Forever 21 describes as "a knit sweater featuring .... allover multicolor Fair Isle pattern, and front ©Marvel 'Wakanda Forever' text," though they seem to have forgotten to remove the "Model is 6'1" and wearing a Medium" copy that was set to describe the pale, blue-eyed man who just yesterday donned the knit on their site.

Social media understandably went OFF when they saw a Caucasian model promoting the ugly Christmas sweater ahead of the holiday. Not like white people shouldn't be able to celebrate and support the film, but not featuring a black model in the Black Panther garment seems like a blatantly out-of-touch oversight. 

"I wanna speak to your advertising department, @Forever21. Someone approved this and thought this was going to work," tweeted one person. "You had one job," added another.

Source: Twitter