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McDonald's Happy Meals Will Now Come with Your Favorite Childhood Books Instead of Toys


McDonald's is remixing the Happy Meal in a big, big way.

One might argue that there's no need to mess with the formula of those little boxes of goodness. For decades, kids have taken delight in getting their very own, pint-sized meal, complete with a goodie. Everyone has their favorite Happy Meal toy, for me, it was the old-school Super Mario Bros ones, or how about those amazing trick-or-treat pails they came out with for Halloween?

While toys are pretty much gold for children, there are definitely more constructive and instructive items to spark their imaginations, like reading.

That might explain why McDonald's franchises in New Zealand are ditching hunks of plastic for sheets of paper with the Happy Meal Readers Program.

Gone are strategically released toys and licensing and branding deals that celebrate the release of Disney movies. Kiwis who enjoy themselves some Mickey D's will now get Roald Dahl books packed inside their Happy Meals instead. And if that author's name sounds familiar to you, it's probably because the man's responsible for all of your childhood classics. Which ones? Oh boy, did you really just ask that? Settle down and get yourself an education.