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'Boot Bae' Is The Internet's Latest Crush After She Stops Someone From Stealing Her Man

Too often these days, not wanting someone to move in on your significant other will get you labelled as possessive, clingy, controlling, and a host of other nonsense from people who probably also whine about why they can't find anyone loyal on every social media medium available to the human race.

Twitter user @MikeChosen1 was at a date auction being held by the Nigerian Student Association over at the University of Houston and was recording the festivities. While recording, a woman walking down the red carpet made a beeline to a young man who had his arm over his girlfriend's leg that was quite literally draped across his lap.

This led to the birth of #BootBae
She is the internet's latest hero.

It didn't take long for people to recognize she-who-was-booted, and they started tweeting her to hear what she had to say about the incident. After the tweet went viral, she broke her silence.

Plot twist.
But people weren't buying it.
The people already chose whose side they were on.
After having her Twitter mentions explode, Boot Bae herself commented on the subject.
The story was so huge that the tweet thread even got an official sponsor.

What a time to be alive.