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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 11 Cast Includes a Literal Legacy Queen



If you thought RuPaul had run out of killer drag queens to showcase, well allow us to disabuse you of that notion, hunty. The cast for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 has been announced and we're already gagging over these girls. 

In fact, a few of the queens on the upcoming season boast some impressive drag family pedigrees and makeup skills for days. Read on to get the scoop on the latest group of queens headed to the workroom.

1. A'Keria Chanel Davenport

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A'Keria's last name may ring a few bells for you, and that's because this pageant queen from Houston reps a dynasty. Her drag family includes Kennedy Davenport from Season 7 and All-Stars 3, and the late Sahara Davenport from Season 2. But she doesn't need to rest on their laurels. A'Keria holds plenty of titles, having taken the crown at the 2017 Miss Black Universe and Miss International Vogue pageants.

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2. Ariel Versace

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This Philly cheesecake is one part Bratz Doll, one part anime cartoon and 100 percent unstoppable at beating a face. With over 100K followers she's basically already Instafamous. Check out her YouTube channel for some pretty incredible makeup tutorials.

Follow her on Instagram: @arielverace

3. Brooke Lynn Hytes

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Brooke Lynn may sound like she reps the five boroughs, but she's actually from Tennessee by way of Canada. In fact, she'll be the first queen from the Great White North to compete on the show.

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4. Honey Davenport

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Uh oh, get ready for some possible family drama. Honey also hails from the Davenport dynasty, but she also raised an All-Star. Her drag daughter, Monet XChange, is still in the running on the current RPDR All-Stars Season 4.

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5. Kahanna Montrese

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Legs and legacies for days! Kahanna's drag mom is Season 5's Coco Montrese, but her Vegas showgirl vibe is serving Chad Michaels realness. Also, not for nothing, you can grate cheese on her abs. 

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6. Mercedes Iman Diamond

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Mercedes hails from Minneapolis, land of Prince, but her inspiration comes from Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. She's petite at 5'3" but her personality is gigantic. And she's proud to represent as the first Muslim queen on the show.

Follow her on Instagram: @mercedesimandiamond

7. Nina West

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Nina hails from the Columbus, OH, and her name comes from her emotional inspiration in college, Nina Simone. She's a classic John Waters-style campy queen and she looks up to comedians like Steve Martin. She loves to give back and does a great deal of charity work. Total heart of gold! 

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8. Plastique Tiara

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Plastique is sushi-grade fish, plus she has a fan in Alyssa Edwards of RPDR Season 5 and Dancing Queen fame. And honestly, if Alyssa vouches for her, that's enough for me. 

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9. Rajah O'Hara

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Not just another Texas pageant queen, Rajah loves to play with blurring gender lines just as much as she enjoys being a super femme. She's also a gifted portrait artist! 

Follow her on Instagram @therajahoharashow

10. Scarlet Envy

Source: Instagram

Scarlet's edgy meets elegant vibe is pure NYC, just like her pal, Season 9 winner Sasha Velour. We can't wait to see this Old Hollywood glam in action.

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11. Shuga Cain

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The New York-based diva hails originally from the West Coast and is a triple threat, in that she can serve looks, comedy, and live vocals. We have a feeling she's got Snatch Game on lock.

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12. Silky Nutmeg Ganache

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Silky isn't big on social media, but she is big on the pageant circuit, so we expect to see plenty of polish along with that signature charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent each queen brings to the table. 

Follow her on Instagram: @silkynutmegganache

13. Soju

Source: Instagram

Soju has quite a following already among Drag Race fans through her YouTube channel, Shots with Soju. Based on that alone, we know this Chicago K-pop queen is the one to beat for Miss Congeniality. 

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14. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

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Vanjie needs no introduction, because you met her already last season. Despite being the first girl to sashay away in Season 10, the Tampa beauty was gone too soon and RuPaul must've agreed with audiences who wanted more Vanjie. We expect she'll go much farther this time around.

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