This Woman Tried to Hide Her $19 DoorDash Order of Starbucks From Her Husband

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 18 2023, Updated 4:21 p.m. ET

For many a millennial, our wallets suffered a substantial blow once Retta's character from Parks and Recreation introduced us to the concept of "Treat Yo'self". It's that sacred yet cursed mindset where, if we're especially proud of ourselves, feeling crummy, or even just in the nigh-insatiable mood for it, we treat ourselves to something that we absolutely do not need to spend money on. The mood can strike us when we least expect or can least afford it, but the treat yo'self vibes are real.

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Just ask Motivated Mama (@jessicaschochgraves), aka Jessica, on TikTok. On one sunny morning in the middle of July 2023, she woke up and decided to treat herself to a Starbucks drink via DoorDash that ended up costing at least 19 dollars after delivery fees. The price was so absurd that she even tried to hide it from her husband until he left for work. She narrowly made it through in one piece. Here's how her expensive delivery shook out.

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Woman orders Starbucks via DoorDash for more than $19.

Jessica shared her "harrowing" experience on TikTok. She had ordered Starbucks for herself via DoorDash, thinking that her husband would have gone to work by the time she did. It wasn't until she completed her order that she found out he wasn't, sending her into crisis mode over her Starbucks.

See, Jessica ended up spending $19.58 on her order. But let's be clear. She didn't order $19 worth of items. She just ordered one venti-sized drink which, after DoorDash delivery and service fees, ended up costing $19.58. That's nearly $20 for one Starbucks drink. Now, that's a certified Treat Yo'self moment.

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Based on Jessica's reaction to her husband still being in the house by the time she ordered, we're gonna guess that he wouldn't be happy to see that. The remainder of her TikTok is dedicated to tracking her husband's movements, subtly trying to see if he would leave in time for her Starbucks to arrive discreetly.

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As if to add tension, Jessica's husband spends all morning performing tasks that prevented him from clearing the driveway in a timely manner. Jessica was jokingly terrified that her DoorDash driver would've been caught by her husband.

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Miraculously, her husband leaves for work with "one minute to spare" before her DoorDash driver arrived. She took a celebratory sip of her drink the moment she got her hands on it.

While she could later be seen dancing and celebrating having gotten away with the perfect crime, it was all fun and games. In fact, Jessica even showed the initial TikTok to her husband for a blind reaction video.

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He seemed to take it in stride and found the video itself to be humorous, though he did take pause upon realizing that she spent nearly $20 on coffee. He laughed at the TikTok, but had a few words about her spending.

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"If I saw them, I would've told them to turn around," her husband admitted in the blind reaction.

For the most part, Jessica's husband seemed to be in good spirits about the whole thing. After all, who among us hasn't taken the low road with our app-based food deliveries in the past?

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