"He Ratted Himself Out" — DoorDash Driver Steals Donuts From Order, Catches Himself in a Lie

This DoorDash driver found themselves in hot water after they stole a customer's donuts from their order. Read on for what happened!

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Jul. 18 2023, Published 3:41 p.m. ET

Thanks to the number of horror stories that have gone viral on social media in recent years, delivery drivers have gotten a pretty bad rap. From attempted break-ins to reports of stealing food, there is no shortage of customer service concerns when it comes to apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

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@Tatted_gamer_666 on Reddit is the latest to join the long list of people who have been wronged by their delivery drivers.

On Reddit, the OP shared how a DoorDasher stole their donuts and almost got away with it!

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This DoorDash driver stole a customer’s donuts and got blasted on social media!

In a now-viral Reddit thread, the OP explained how they almost got conned. A screenshot showed a conversation between them and their DoorDasher.

“Did you take my donuts LOL,” the user asked, briefly following up with a message that said, “What the hell, man.”

Shortly after, the DoorDasher texted back and said that he had not received an order from Dunkin’ Donuts — only Starbucks.

The problem was, the customer never told the driver that the donuts came from Dunkin’. The Starbucks in the OP’s town apparently sources donuts from local bakeries, so how exactly did the driver know that they weren't talking about donuts missing from their Starbucks order?

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Because he stole ‘em … that’s how.

“The Starbucks in my area has lots of donuts to choose from so it’s funny he didn’t think I meant donuts from Starbucks,” the OP wrote in their Reddit post alongside a smiley face emoji. "He called himself out on this one …”

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The dasher later told corporate that they never actually picked up the order, but according to the OP, that was just another lie. “I mean I saw him on the map go to Dunkin’ after he picked up Starbucks first,” they wrote in the comments.

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Luckily, the OP was refunded and ultimately had their donuts redelivered. However, @tatted_gamer_666’s experience is a cautionary tale for folks who need their food on the fly.

Additionally, this story should be a warning to delivery drivers with malicious intent.

A commenter chimed in: “It’s so dumb to steal from DoorDash orders. That’s your livelihood risking deactivation over some cheap donuts you could go buy yourself with the money you’re making from the job you’re doing!”

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While many cracked on the DoorDasher for being one of the world’s dumbest criminals ("Mans done ratted himself out lmao," one person wrote), a couple of commenters noted that delivery drivers rarely make a livable wage.

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“I don’t think most people working for DoorDash are making enough money to actually live comfortably,” one commenter wrote under the thread, adding that it’s food service workers who often get the short end of the stick.

“Them being independent contractors and forcing them to use their own personal vehicle really makes it more of a scam than a job.”

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As true as this may be, the OP claimed to have been pretty generous with their tip. In fact, @tatted_gamer_666 is a driver for DoorDash, too.

“I’m a DoorDash driver as well so I get the annoyance of small tips,” the OP shared. "I always tip [a] minimum [of] $8 per order no matter how little the price is.”

Additionally, the Redditor gave further context about their order: “This specific order was two drinks from Starbucks and a dozen donuts from Dunkin’ and I left a $9.50 tip. Distance, I believe, is 4.5 miles from the Dunkin’. The Starbucks is in the same plaza.”

I'm pretty sure when DoorDash became a thing, donut-stealing drivers were exactly part of the plan ...

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