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Source: Getty/Instagram

50 Cent Finally Got His Money Thanks to His Most Recent Instagram Feud


If you logged into social media this weekend, you might have caught wind of 50 Cent's latest Instagram beef with Randall Emmett. It's far from the first time the rapper has taken his shade to public social media platforms, but if you need a bit of a refresher on what this weekend's feud was about, we've got you covered.

The entire beef seems to boil down to one very big tab that 50 Cent claims was never settled. According to 50, Randall Emmett (who Vanderpump Rules fans might recognize as Lala Kent's fiancé) owes the rapper $1 million. It was a convoluted storm that even got queen of the internet Chrissy Teigen involved.

So, what happened between 50 Cent and Randall Emmett?

The saga begins on Friday, when 50 Cent was sick and tired of his former co-producer Randall Emmett not paying him back his $1 million loan. We get it, considering we're not above hitting the "remind" button on Venmo when our friends forget to return those $10 we spotted them for lunch.