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Source: Getty Images

Here's How Much Everyone on 'Vanderpump Rules' Makes Per Episode


What with the catfights, cocktails and West Hollywood drama, working on the set of Vanderpump Rules can seem like something of a pipe dream if you've got the personality for reality TV. But are these recognizable SURvers as rich as they are famous? What's their net worth and how much do the cast members make per episode?

Keep reading to find out. 

1. Jax Taylor

Source: Getty Images

We've been watching lovebird Jax Taylor meticulously plan his upcoming wedding to Brittany this season, which has put this couple even more at the center of the Vanderpump Rules drama than they usually are. In addition to bartending at SUR, Jax is embarking on an entrepreneurial project, Just Add X, a drink mix, set to launch this year, that unlike its name suggests, doesn't involve any X. 

Most of Jax's estimated net worth of $400,000 comes from his Bravo paycheck, paid appearances, and sponsored social media posts. Must be nice! Jax earns $25,000 per episode of Vanderpump Rules, making him the highest paid cast member (who's not Lisa Vanderpump, duh), probably because his confrontational behavior gets him plenty of time in front of the camera.