Looking to Save Money on You Next Airbnb? This Woman Has a Travel Hack for You

Looking to save some money on your next Airbnb? This woman on Instagram shared a travel hack that has some folks eager to save on their vacations.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 30 2023, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

We could all use a little vacation every once and a while. Whether you've saved up a number of vacation days from work or simply just need to get away from it all, nothing beats a little R and R as you go out to travel as far away from your troubles as possible for a while. You may find yourself booking a hotel, but plenty of folks go for Airbnb stays instead. Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, there are plenty of options for more homey vacation stays.

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And if you're like the rest of us, you're probably looking for the cheapest or most reasonable deals possible on your stay. However, the best deals may not always be available to you right away. That's where this nifty trick comes in. Kristen Glazer on Instagram (@expeditionkristen) shared an interesting Airbnb hack that could help you save money. Here are the tips she shared and what folks have been able to get from it.

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This Airbnb hack could save you hundreds on booking.

In early September, Kristen shared a video detailing their Airbnb trick. All you need is a Google image search.

She provided a quick example with an Airbnb house in Minnesota on the original Airbnb site. Kristen even gave a little before and after to compare how much this trick could save you.

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She pretended to book a three-day stay for two people. After a few service fees, the final total came out to $2,459.40.

"Not bad for a place that big," Kristen muses in her video. "But let's see if we can do better."

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Kristen then detailed her entire hack. Users can right-click the image of the house and do an image search with Google. If the option doesn't appear on your right-click menu, you can also go to Google.com directly and upload the image there for the same result.

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From there, you'll see a number of options of the same Airbnb listing on different sites. In Kristen's case, she found the direct booking site for the same Airbnb.

After putting in the same stay information, she ended up with a grand total of $1886.44. All in all, she would save over $660 using this hack. Reportedly, this even accounts for less service fees.

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All in all, this hack boils down to the difference between booking places directly and going through Airbnb for it. As a middleman, Airbnb will typically always add additional service feed in the same way that services like DoorDash will add delivery fees. By that same logic, booking places directly instead of using an app in the middle should cut costs significantly.

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Sure enough, people have gotten some great results with this hack. In the comments for Kristen's video, people claim to have saved hundreds by doing this.

One person wrote, "This hack saved me so much visiting Orlando. It was a solid $600 difference."

Just by using this hack, your next vacation is about to become a lot cheaper!

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