Alex Bennett Confirms She and Her Billionaire Husband Are Over

Jamie Lerner - Author

Nov. 10 2023, Updated 12:40 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Alex Bennett has been married to billionaire sports mogul heir Graham Bennett since 2019.
  • Fans have been speculating a separation or divorce is on the way for Alex and Graham.
  • Alex revealed that she and Graham are "going through it."
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The drama at Barstool is its own complicated web of intrigue and Alex Bennett is often in the middle of it all. Her “feud” with “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy made headlines, but now she’s settled into her Mean Girl podcast era with Jordyn Woodruff. In Sept. 2023, the two of them stirred up some beef between sports blogger Chris Klemmer and Dave thanks to a controversial video.

So now that Alex is back in the office, people are still wondering where her husband, Graham Bennett, is. They’ve been married for over four years, and he’s been by her side throughout her entire Barstool career. He's even appeared on some episodes of the Mean Girl podcast. So who is he and why are we now hearing that the two are divorced?

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Alex Bennett’s husband, Graham Bennett, is part of a billionaire family.

Graham and Alex got married back in April 2019, but ever since July of this year, Alex hasn’t posted or shared much about him at all. She used to talk about him all the time on the Mean Girl podcast, but she’s been relatively mum in comparison. Even still, we know quite a bit about Graham, who just so happens to be the son of a billionaire sports mogul.

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Graham comes from wealth and power on both sides of his family. His dad, Clay Bennett, is the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. Clay married his high school sweetheart, Louise Gaylord Bennett, the heiress of media mogul Edward L. Gaylord. And even Edward’s father, E.K. Gaylord, owned The Oklahoman newspaper.

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Graham has followed in his parents’ legacies. He got his undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego in 2016 and his master's degree from the Harvard Extension School in 2023. In June 2022, he began working with the REFORM Alliance, where he rose up to his current position as the Manager of Development Initiatives.

He’s also on the Advisory Boards of the E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation and the Dorchester Capital Corporation.

In September 2023, fans noticed that Alex hadn't been sharing as much about her marriage to Graham, leading Stoolies to think something was off between them. And they were right. Her last post with Graham was on May 6, 2023, and when she shared a highlight reel of her 30th birthday moments, he didn’t seem to be there. That was a major red flag.

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Then, on July 19, 2023, she finally spilled some tea on TikTok. She explained that the couple was “going through it” but that she wanted to keep details “offline” because she’s only half of their unit. But on August 11, two of her credit cards got declined when she tried to pay for a meal with Jordyn, so fans are assuming that Graham canceled all of her cards. That then led fans to speculate that divorce might be on the table. Once again, they were right!

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A ‘Mean Girl’ podcast fan tipped Alex off with some troubling info about her husband.

Redditors have their own suspicions and gossip about Alex and Graham’s marriage. According to one rumor, “Graham is a big history buff and loves taking part in Civil War reenactments. She was tipped off by a fan of her Mean Girls podcast that he jerks it while away.” Alex has been open about her past with Graham and that he cheated on her early in the relationship.

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So she often uses his sex drive as an indication of if he’s cheating (which isn’t really how it works, but go off, sis.) This means that he’s not allowed to pleasure himself, so if a podcast fan really did tip Alex off with that information, it could’ve added fuel to an already wild fire. Of course, there are also cheating rumors on both sides of the marriage.

Despite what's been said, Alex finally cleared the air during a November 2023 Mean Girl podcast episode, giving fans some closure as to what is going on with her marriage. And the reality isn't pretty.

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Why did Alex Bennet and Graham break up?

In November, while speaking with her co-host Jordyn Woodruff, Alex opened up about her marriage. The influencer revealed that Graham had "left five months ago," and that the two had already entered into the divorce proceedings. Things started to go down hill after Graham expressed his desire to move back to Oklahoma at the beginning of the year.

The couple had been living in New York City at the time.

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While Alex says she was prepared to make the move, she soon realized they "weren't on the same page anymore." She also explained, "We never argued, we weren't fighting, we weren't mad, we weren't yelling," but it was clear their marriage was struggling. The two ultimately decided to divorce, though that brought on additional challenges.

Because the two had not signed a prenup, it made settling their financial affairs a bit difficult. While Alex says she was "promised" a portion of the salary she paid into their joint account, she never received it. Sadly, these types of obstacles tend to be common in divorces.

Although we are sad to see Alex and Graham part ways, we are here to offer the two the best of luck going forward.

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