Are Alix Earle and Topher Griffin Still Friends? Their Alleged Friend Breakup, Explained

Kelly Corbett - Author

May 5 2023, Published 3:05 p.m. ET

TikTok star and University of Miami senior Alix Earle is one of the most popular creators on the platform. The "GRWM" queen has a cult-like following and never fails to leave the house looking nothing less but flawless.

In early 2023, Alix began posting TikToks with one of her friends from school, junior Topher Griffin (@tophgriff). Clearly, these two were tight — she even created a segment dubbed “Tea Time with Topher" with him. It wasn't too long before Alix's fans quickly hit the follow button on Topher's page.

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But as of late, fans have noticed that Alix and Topher are no longer posting videos together anymore. What happened? We unpack their drama below.

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Alix Earle and Topher allegedly had a friend breakup during the Tarte influencer trip.

As TikTok creator @pamelawurstvetrini infers below, things are believed to have gone awry during the latest Tarte influencer trip to Turks and Caicos.

You see, this was a super exclusive trip. And Alix, being the good friend she is, picked Topher as her plus-one on the trip. He seemed super excited. But weirdly enough, we didn't see too many photos of them together.

"Here's the problem with picking Topher as your plus one," @pamelawurstvetrini said in her video. "He doesn't have plus one energy. He has main character energy."

Basically, the two are believed to have gotten into some kind of riff. What exactly happened is unknown but they went in as besties and left — after days of endless alcohol and partying — seeming very distant.

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As if their lack of videos together wasn't telling enough, Topher shared a TikTok with two other popular creators on the trip, @stassibaby and @victoriavillarroell, which seemingly threw shade at Alix as they mocked "pick me girls."

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When they returned home, Alix began crying while on TikTok live, but didn't share any details as to what happened.

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So, that's what we know so far. And already it seems like Alix's fans have turned their backs on Topher. But as creator @alyssadiamonds said in her TikTok below, we shouldn't start making up our own narratives on what happened. "You all decided from watching a few 15/30 second videos that you don't like him anymore when you were hyping him up like 30 seconds ago," she said.

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Ultimately, she called other users out for making fan edits to videos of Topher and attacking him on the platform.

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