So, What Just Happened in the 'American Horror Stories' Finale? Here's a Quick Breakdown (SPOILERS)

Here's everything that happened in 'American Horror Stories' "Game Over" explained. In the 'AHS' finale, Noah Cyrus took a trip to the Murder House.

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Aug. 19 2021, Published 11:11 p.m. ET

Sierra McCormick Rubberwoman Scarlett AHS
Source: FX

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of American Horror Stories.

December of 2021 will make 10 years since American Horror Story made its debut on FX and introduced viewers to the tenants of the Murder House, which has become pretty packed over the last decade.

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But the murderous history of the property has only made it more attractive to potential buyers, including Michael (Matt Bomer) and Troy Winslow (Gavin Creel), who buy the Murder House as a project to renovate with their teenaged daughter, Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), in the two-part premiere of the AHS anthology spinoff, American Horror Stories.

It’s been a while since we last saw Scarlett and her now-deceased dads, however, viewers won’t have to wait long to see how the Rubberwoman’s story ends. Here’s what happened in American Horror Stories “Game Over,” explained.

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Rubberwoman American Horror Stories Game Over
Source: FX

Wait, what just happened? The end of ‘American Horror Stories' "Game Over" explained.

At the beginning of “Game Over,” fans are introduced to Connie (Noah Cyrus) and Dylan (Adam Hagenbuch), a couple who have signed up for an immersive experience at — you guessed it — the Murder House. Unfortunately, they get more than they ask for when a few old friends come out to play and kill them both.

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It was at this point that viewers learned that Dylan and Connie are characters in an AHS-themed video game created by a single mother named Michelle (Mercedes Mason), who is desperate to bond with her son, Rory (Nicolas Bechtel), by any means necessary. Sadly, he is not impressed.

He tells Michelle, "The thing that always trips people up in the house is that they don't deal with their human s--t. So they're forced to stay like that, frozen in the house forever."

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michelle-american-horror-stories-Mercedes Mason
Source: FX

Despite her attempts at piquing her son’s attention, Michelle is forced to go back to the drawing board, where she meets a realtor. Michelle ultimately buys the Murder House — which costs her $100,000 — despite her son and her ex-husband’s concerns that her obsession is consuming her life.

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On Halloween night, Michelle takes a trip to her new home, which she soon learns isn’t her home at all. Upon her arrival, she is greeted by Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), who is just as sad as he was when we left him, as well as Scarlett and her literal partner-in-crime, Ruby McDaniels (Kaia Gerber), who are up to no good as usual. Michelle suggests that if the ghosts deal with their “human s--t,” they can be released from the Murder House once and for all.

Ruby tells Michelle that although some souls would love to leave, "there are others here who have no interest in growth, who embrace how f--ked up we all are. The repetition is the point. The endless nothing filled with pain is the purpose." After this brief exchange, Ruby and Scarlett kill Michelle, leaving Rory without a mother. Well, kind of.

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Source: FX

Did the ‘AHS’ Murder House saga come to an end in "Game Over"? Season 2 will answer our questions.

After learning of his mother’s fate, Rory promises to burn the Murder House down to finally end the years of atrocities that occurred there, and ultimately, he’s successful. Both Rory and Scarlett survive the fire, but the historic AHS home does not.

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Later, condominiums were built on the property, which Scarlett purchases with her new gig as a paid assassin. She is eventually reunited with her longtime lover, Ruby, who explains that while the others have moved on, she stayed in hopes that Scarlett would return.

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In this moment of passion, we realize that Ryan Murphy has tricked us, once again. Michelle’s trip to the Murder House seemed to be all part of the game until the final scene, when Beauregard Langdon’s ball rolls into frame, leading fans to believe that the Murder House saga isn’t over just yet.

The final twist in “Game Over” gives hints about what happened to the souls that moved on when the house was burned down and suggests that Michelle’s video game really was based in reality — both questions that will likely be answered when the series returns for Season 2.

Season 1 of American Horror Stories is available on Hulu now.

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