Is Andre Mitchell From 'Vanderpump Villa' Dating Anyone? Here's What We Know About His Love Life

'Vanderpump Villa' star Andre Mitchell definitely has a few of his female co-workers swooning at Chateau Rosabelle. Is he single?

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Apr. 1 2024, Published 12:01 a.m. ET

Andre Mitchell
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The Vanderpump cinematic universe is expanding and has gone abroad!

Hulu's reality series, Vanderpump Villa, follows TV personality and entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump and her staff as they work and live at her picturesque French countryside estate, Chateau Rosabelle. The property has never been open to guests before, but she's decided to do a trial run, hoping to offer guests a lavish, unparalleled experience in the South of France.

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From housekeepers to chefs, Lisa has seemingly cherry-picked the finest and most hospitable staff to work at Chateau Rosabelle — or so she thought. There have already been some incredibly messy moments amongst this motley crew. But one staff member who is the king of minding his own business and doing as told is the dashing Andre Mitchell.

Lisa hired Andre as a mixologist, and unlike the Chateau's other mixologist Telly Hall, who drinks on the job, Andre hasn't missed a beat.

Andre Mitchell
Source: Hulu / Gilles Mingasson
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His 6' 4" stature may be intimidating, but he's seemingly one of the show's most down-to-earth and charming workers. "There's something very special about Andre," Lisa said in an episode. "He has a quality that is almost like a teddy bear of a man."

Yet despite how well-liked Andre is, he often struggles to feel confident. "I gotta be honest. I’m not that confident. I’m literally just a kid from Chicago, and I’m all the way here in France. Feeling out of place would be an understatement for me," he said in an episode.

All in all, Andre is just a genuine guy. That said, many people have been curious about his relationship status. Is Andre dating anyone? Here's what we know.

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Lisa Vanderpump and Andre Mitchell

Is Andre Mitchell on 'Vanderpump Villa' dating anyone?

In the premiere episode of Vanderpump Villa, Andre confirms he is "extremely single". He even teases that he's so single that his couch is dented in one spot because he's the only person who sits on it. But Andre definitely has some female admirers amongst the staff at Chateau Rosabelle.

Both Gabriella Sanon, an event coordinator at Chateau Rosabelle, and Grace Cottrell, a housekeeper, said they are attracted to him.

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Andre has shared his thoughts on both of these women. "Gabriella isn’t exactly my type, but she’s growing on me. We kind of have a little thing. I feel like we might have a thing for each other," he said in a confessional.

He seemed to have similar feelings towards Grace. "I love Grace. Really we’re just getting to know each other. Maybe I could see something," he said. So far, no moves have been made.

But by the end of Episode 3, Gabriella seems to have decided to back off Andre after learning that Grace also has a crush on him. "If Grace wasn’t in the picture, I'd consider Dre," Gabriella said in a confessional, adding, "but I love Grace, and she wants Dre, and I respect her."

So, does Andre strike up a relationship with Grace? It's unclear right now, but if we know anything about reality TV, it's that it's messy. And even if Gabriella said she's fine if Grace moves in on Andre, it doesn't necessarily mean that Andre feels the same.

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Who are Andre Mitchell's parents?

Andre revealed on Vanderpump Villa that his mom, who was seemingly was the most important person in his life, passed away four years ago. Meanwhile, his dad was never around.

Andre explained that his late mom was a huge fan of Lisa, making his new gig at Chateau Rosabelle all the more special. Ultimately, he just wants to make her proud.

On Mother's Day in 2023, Andre shared a photo on Facebook of himself with his late mom, writing, "This day never gets easy.… Happy Mother's Day, my Angel. We love and miss you."

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Some guests left a comment card praising Andre for making their stay at Chateau Rosabelle more enjoyable. However, upon receiving this feedback, Andre broke down in tears in Lisa's office. He told Lisa that he didn't have his parents and felt like he had no one to call, seemingly still trying to come to terms with his mom's passing.

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