An Angie’s List Wall Hole Repair Fail Costs $409 for “A Bigger Mess Than Before”

A homeowner documents a wall hole repair disaster that culminated in her being charged $409 for "a bigger mess than before." Details ahead.

Melissa Willets - Author

Aug. 31 2023, Published 11:36 a.m. ET

A homeowner and TikTok user who shares content using the handle @triipinter shared a repair horror story that left her with a $409 bill for work that created a bigger problem than before.

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The tale unfolded when the creator used Angie's List, which incidentally is now called Angi, to contact a drywall repair person.

Except, it doesn't seem like the service provider knew how to fix drywall. Here's that frustrating story and and update on where the homeowner's wall repair stands today.

Before the work was done, this homeowner says she was charge a crazy amount of money.

Taking to TikTok, the homeowner takes followers on a wild ride documenting "the most horrible experience with Angie's List." In an over 5-minute video, your frustration will rise right along with her, since after a day of work, the wall only ending up in worse shape.

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In the TikTok, we see the head-scratching work, and then hear the homeowner tell the worker, "I'm not paying any more," as she says she has already paid $409 for the fist hole repair.

That's when things get argumentative between the two, as the service provider asks for $100.

"This isn't correct. This is a mess," the TikToker declares about the state of the wall, and goes on to describe the space as "a bigger mess than before."

Then the worker suggests that the creator punched the wall on purpose and hired someone to fix it "to piss them off." OK, then.

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The worker leaves after eight hours with nothing having been accomplished.

In the caption of the viral share, the creator suggests that people no longer take pride in their work, and that Angi doesn't do the proper background work to ensure the professionals who use their site to get leads are qualified.

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In this case, the man she found on Angi was allegedly at the home for eight hours! For three fist holes in a wall! Understandably, the homeowner concluded the experience was "horrible."

It's at first unclear why she didn't tell him to leave (she later explains she hoped the work would get done eventually). Instead, the creator continues arguing with the service provider, who oddly at one point urges her to get the job done "professionally."

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The service provider also demands to have his business card back, which the creator wanted to keep in case something went wrong — as it clearly did.

"I wish it worked out," the TikToker says at the end of the video as the worker leaves the house at last — with the business card.

"There's still a hole in the kitchen," the creator calls after the service provider as he walks down the driveway, clearly dissatisfied that she hadn't ponied up an additional $100.

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"I'm scared of him. I feel bad for him," she concludes at the end of the lengthy TikTok documenting the icky experience. But did she ever get her wall fixed, or her money back?

All is well that ends wall, er, well.

In a much-needed follow-up TikTok, we learn that the creator inexplicably tried Angi one other time and wasn't satisfied. This time, clearly the result was the same, as the creator recounts in the update.

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We learn that the hole, er, whole mess started when the contractor cut a giant hole in the wall with a saw, and "couldn't measure" and "couldn't cut," and the drywall that he attempted to use to patch the hole with was much smaller than the hole he cut out of the wall.

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Five hours later, the contractor told the homeowner he'd be done within the hour — but according to the creator, he was "nervous" and "sweating."

After he made a second trip to Home Depot and purchased a bucket of spackle that was way too big, the homeowner explains that she'd already been charged for the work that wasn't even close to be done.

The worker also tried to get the creator to reimburse him for the materials he purchased at Home Depot according to the update — and she wasn't about to do that.

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It's important to note that on Angi's site, the company espouses its Happiness Guarantee.

"When you book and pay with Angi, we’ll cover your project up to the full purchase price, plus limited damage protection. If you’re not satisfied with your home project or service, we’ll work to make it right," the terms read.

But according to the creator, she couldn't get anyone from Angi on the phone and instead, declared the transaction fraudulent through her bank and got reimbursed.

Incidentally, she also shares how the worker claimed he wouldn't be reimbursed by Angi for even a quarter of what the company charged the homeowner.

The good news is that this painstaking ordeal has a happy ending, with someone subsequently reaching out and fixing the wall properly, so it looks "brand new."

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