Hali and Mercedes Ended up Together in 'FBoy Island' Season 3 — Are They Still an Item?

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Dec. 11 2023, Published 12:05 p.m. ET

(l-r) Mercedes and Hali on 'FBoy Island' Season 3
Source: The CW

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Spoiler alert! This article contains details for the Season 3 finale of FBoy Island.

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Do nice guys really finish last or can we really say "FBye" to FBoys? Season 3 of FBoy Island answers both questions in a shocking fashion. The reality show competition follows a group of women who court more than 20 eligible bachelors to see who they can end up with. The only catch is that the guys are divided between "nice guys" looking for a genuine connection and "FBoys" who have more sinister goals in mind. To make matters worse, they have no ideas who is who.

If the women end up with nice guys by the finale, they can split a $100,000 cash prize. But if they end up with an FBoy, the FBoy can choose whether or not to split the prize or take it all for himself.

Season 3 of FBoy Island was full of twists and heartbreak, especially as model Hali Okeowo tried to find a nice guy amidst a frat party of obnoxious men, including Mercedes Knox. She ended up choosing to be with Mercedes, but are they still together after the show? Let's break it down.

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(l-r) Mercedes Knox
Source: The CW

Are Hali and Mercedes still together after the 'FBoy Island' Season 3 finale?

This season of FBoy Island saw three ladies who were looking for love while trying to suss out who among the guys was a potential FBoy. One of these women was Hali Okeowo, a professional model who previously collaborated with well-known brands like Cover Girl.

She had plenty of dudes pining for her affection, whether or not they were actually interested in pursuing a relationship together. But one major player has been through the gauntlet before.

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One of the strongest competitors for Hali's heart came in the form of Mercedes Knox. Believe it or not, he's actually an FBoy Island veteran from Season 2. During his debut season, he entered the competition as an FBoy and made it all the way to the end after contestant Louise Barnard decided to be with him. Luckily, he wasn't completely effed, considering he made the call to split the money with Louise.

But you know what they say about fooling people once and twice. In the Season 3 finale, Hali chose to be with Mercedes who still entered the competition as an FBoy.

That's right, Mercedes managed to lie his way to the top yet again. Thankfully, he still ended up splitting the money with Hali, proving that he isn't a total FBoy. However, that still leaves the question as to whether or not they stayed together after the season ended.

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As of this writing, neither of them have posted anything stating whether or not they remain an item off of the island. If Mercedes's reality show dating history is any indication, however, he likely won't be changing his relationship status any time soon. After all, he's been on TV twice where he successfully romanced women under false pretenses. We honestly wouldn't be surprised if he came back a third time and duped everyone again.

As for Hali, it seems that the ordeal is more or less water under the bridge. In an Instagram post uploaded after the Season 3 finale, Hali stated that she had a great time with the women on the show and even offered congrats to Mercedes for a game well played. However, she did advise him to take the winnings and run.

"Let's not try for a third, okay?" she joked on Insta while tagging him.

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