Calling All Best Friends! Can Your Friendship Pass This Ice Water Test?


May 18 2023, Published 6:56 p.m. ET

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There's nothing like a best friend. They're your shoulder to lean on in times of need. The keeper of your secrets. The one to call you out when you need to hear it most.

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... and apparently the first to dunk your head in a bowl of ice water if you can't correctly answer questions about them.

At least, according to this wild friendship test!

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These ladies put their friendship to the test — and had a shivering-good time doing so.

Over on TikTok, one woman faced a chillingly hilarious test as she tried to correctly answer her friend's questions.

In the test, the friend asked a series of questions about herself, to test how well the woman knew her. If the woman got the answer right, the friend simply moved onto the next question. But if the woman got the answer wrong ... the friend dunked the woman's head in a bowl of ice water.

All in the name of their friendship, people!

As the video begins, we see the woman sitting at a table before a large bowl of the aforementioned ice water. (Our teeth are clattering just thinking about it.)

Her friend stands behind her, calmly (maybe too calmly?) asking the questions that will seal this woman's icy fate.

First up:

"What's my favorite color?"

Trying to conceal a nervous laugh, the woman stumbles over her answer: "Li ... lilac!"

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Phew. She's correct.

Next up are questions about the friend's dog, sister, fiancé, and "comfort" comedy movie. The woman passes these just fine.

But then...

"What's one thing in my dream house that I want?" the friend asks.

The woman pauses, thinking. "Did you ever tell me?"

"Yes, yes, it's the only thing I ever said," the friend insists.

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The woman doesn't know — and so DUNK she goes!

"Ohhhhh," the woman exclaims as she lifts her face up from the water, "that was so much colder than you could ever imagine. I just transported to Antarctica."

"It was a white bath tub," her (ruthless!) friend tells her matter-of-factly, regarding the correct answer.

"Oh my God, a white bath tub?!" the woman asks incredulously. "OK."

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They move on.

"What's my favorite fruit?"



The friend corrects her: "Pineapple!"

"You NEVER told me!" the woman says.

"Yes I have. What's my favorite vegetable?"

"I can't... wait, wait, no! BRUSSELS SPROUTS! Brussels sprouts..." the woman cries, nearly laugh-crying as she narrowly avoids getting her head dunked again.

The next question goes fine (what does the friend watch while getting ready for work? Law & Order), but then comes a question about which is her favorite Avenger, and all hell breaks loose.

"Captain America?" the woman guesses.

DUNK! (It was Iron Man.)

The woman insists she was never told this, while the friend insists otherwise.

"Mine's the Hulk," the woman furtively tells the camera, her face still dripping.

By the time the friend gets to the next question, the woman's mind is still on the previous one. She asks, "Wait, is Hulk an Avenger?" Her friend says yes and continues with the next Q.

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ice water test tiktok friends
Source: TikTok/@bigfatpoopypants

Questions about dogs and childhood toys go over just fine. Then, the friend asks what her senior year prom dress color was.

The woman confidently answers that it was dark blue with black.


"It was periwinkle," the friend corrects her.

The woman immediately and hilariously acknowledges, "Oh you're right. You're right about that."

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More dog questions follow, along with the friend's first dream job (which, fittingly, was working for the FBI). They run into another bit of trouble when the friend asks, "What did I graduate with?"

The woman answers, "Honors." There's a pause, so she continues: "Wait, what do you mean...?"

DUNK! The friend meant which major.

Finally, the friend asks: "What was my favorite brand from Justice or Limited Too?"

Exasperated, the woman responds, "Ohhh what? What? Your brand? I don't know!"


"I farted!" the woman cries, just as the friend yells with glee that the answer is Bobby Jack.

ice water test tiktok friends
Source: TikTok/@bigfatpoopypants

Fans filled up the comments section under the video with appreciative reactions. "You two seem to have a wonderful friendship," someone wrote.

"That's a good friend right there," someone else said.

Another noted of the friend administering the test: "Somehow I think she'd do just fine in the FBI."

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