Clive's Best Weapons in 'Final Fantasy XVI' Are Eikonic Blades Packing a Lot of Punch

Anthony Jones - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Published 4:17 p.m. ET

'Final Fantasy XVI' Clive using his Phoenix powers to fight off knights.
Source: Square Enix

From start to finish, players can buy and craft many weapons for Clive to slice down foes within Final Fantasy XVI.

Unlike the defensive boosts that vambraces and belts give him, stronger swords provide more attack and stagger power, allowing Clive to burn down mobs or stun them faster.

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The best weapons in FFXVI are the Eikonic blades fashioned after the franchise's magical goliaths, which stand heads and shoulders above most swords — except for one weapon you can purchase near the end of the game.

These weapons are basically given to you for doing the main scenario, while others have specific requirements you must meet before earning them.

'Final Fantasy XVI' Character art of Clive and Jill next to each other.
Source: Square Enix
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If you're curious about which swords are the greatest, here's a breakdown of the best five weapons in FFXVI and the steps you'll need to take to acquire the blades.

Best five weapons in 'Final Fantasy XVI.'

Inside the Hideaway, your home base hidden in Blighted lands, you'll be able to craft the best weapons for Clive through the resident blacksmith known as Blackthorne or buy them.

Of course, you won't be able to get the blades straight away. Over the course of the main scenario and as you complete several plus-signed side quests, you'll gradually unlock access to the best swords.

Below are the top five weapons, including their stats when fully upgraded and a brief explanation of how to get them:

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  • Everdark | Attack 315 and Stagger 315: The final Eikon weapon you can craft in FFXVI after defeating Odin, who will drop a Dark Shard. Offer the material to Blackthrone to make the dark sword.
  • Ragnarok | Attack 325 and Stagger 325: You must complete all four "Blacksmith's Blues" quests to obtain Ragnarok as a reward from Blackthrone.
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  • Defender | Attack 330 and Stagger 330: Purchasable for 5,000 Gil from Goetz's shop after finishing the "Streets of Madness" main quest.
  • Gotterdammerung | Attack 375 and Stagger 375: After finishing the "Blacksmith's Blues IV" quest, you can make Gotterdammerung. It requires two Darksteel, three Orichalcum, one Primitive Battlehorn, and the Ragnarok blade for Blackthorne to craft.
  • Ultima Weapon | Attack 700 and Stagger 700: Ultima Weapon is the best weapon in FFXVI, but also one that takes the most time to make over others. You must unlock and start New Game Plus, then complete the "Blacksmith's Blues" questline entirely again and craft Gotterdammerung. After, give Blackthrone three Ultima Weapon crafting materials, a Utterance of Creation, and Gotterdammerung to craft Ultima Weapon.
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'Final Fantasy XVI' Clive walking through a vast field with a massive crystal in the distance.
Source: Square Enix

Aside from more attack and stagger power, the best weapons don't function differently from each other. That can be a bummer for all the time invested into them, but they look pretty sick and can cleave through whatever is in your way.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively for the PS5.

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