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Blackpink Has Surpassed BTS in YouTube Views on Almost All Recent Videos

K-Pop fans have been discussing the BLACKPINK vs BTS topic for quite some time, arguing which group should take home more aw

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Feb. 11 2021, Updated 1:57 p.m. ET

Even if you've never heard a single K-Pop track in your entire life, you're at least privy to the fact that the genre pretty much owns social media, especially Twitter. 

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Seriously, go search for any popular trending term and you'll see at least a gajillion tweets tenuously linking whatever the subject matter is to a K-Pop group someone loves. 

Two of the biggest outfits in the business are the girl group Blackpink and the Korean boy band BTS, so it's no surprise that a battle has erupted between stans of each group.

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Who is currently winning the contest of Blackpink vs. BTS?

Let's make one thing clear right now: neither one of these musical groups are losing. They're both selling out entire stadiums of shows all over the world. 

They are making millions upon millions of dollars because fans can't get enough of their performances. BTS was also the first K-Pop group ever to present at the US Grammy awards and they put on a performance that absolutely knocked people's socks off.

While K-Pop often has music snobs turn their noses up at it for "samey" sounding beats and "nonsensical repetition", each of these groups, and countless other K-Pop musical acts are crushing it.

But it's hard to deny that both Blackpink and BTS are the biggest in the business. In terms of social media engagement, they're actually pretty similar.

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bts vs blackpink
Source: Instagram

As of this writing, BTS has 31.6 million Instagram followers while Blackpink's IG following is at 30.5 mill, but BTS had about a three year head start on their female counterparts. 

What's interesting about BP is that unlike the typical K-Pop group which has no fewer than 12,000 members (just kidding, BTS has 7), they've only got four: Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo.

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So technically, BP's accomplishing more in a shorter amount of time with fewer people; the argument could be made that they already, pound for pound are winning the battle between them and BTS.

On the other hand, BTS literally made K-Pop history, and many would argue that, while they certainly aren't the "OG" K-Pop boy band, they're the ones that helped to popularize the genre and launch it into the global stratosphere.

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Blackpink did surpass BTS when it comes to YouTube views...

The all-female squad officially surpassed BTS' "DNA" track with their "DDU-DU DDU-DU" last year, and many of their newer releases are edging out BTS' online, which would make sense. 

Because while BTS has slightly more of a following on social media, Blackpink has got a significantly larger following on the video platform — 51.3 million subscribers as opposed to BTS' 38.6 million. 

That's a pretty narrow gap, but it's a gap that's culminated in a ton more views for Blackpink. Just look at the disparity in views between the two groups' most recent videos below:

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blackpink vs bts
Source: YouTube
blackpink vs bts
Source: YouTube

And now, with the Music Bank nominations in, Blackpink's "Lovesick Girls" has been pitted against BTS' "Dynamite." 

Of course, there are plenty of people on Twitter who are lending their opinions as to who is better in the fight between Blackpink or BTS. Who are you backing? Or is it like Alien vs Predator and whoever wins, we lose? 

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