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Source: marvel

Brie Larson Got Caught Right Between a Guy's Surprise Proposal and It Was Glorious


While Twitter can be a depressing place where NASA interns curse out their employers with reckless abandon and still get defended for the dumbest of reasons by a STAN brigade of screeching people, it can also be a wondrous community overflowing with wholesome content that'll really tug at your heartstrings.

Like these series of photos that feature Captain Marvel's lead, Brie Larson, caught in a proposal-crossfire between two fans taking a photo with her.

Hilarious celebrity photobombs and troll jobs constantly crop up online, and sometimes ridiculous step-and-repeat fan shots are orchestrated with enthusiasts and the stars they idolize with some truly hilarious results - just ask Jason Momoa.

And then there are times when celebrities are none the wiser, and fans manage to get them in a photobomb moment that completely catches them off-guard. That's what happened with Brie and these two gentlemen.

From the looks of these photos, it appears like things start off as a regular old pose-with-a-celebrity picture. But then a dude, rocking a Captain Marvel jacket, gets down on one knee, and his boyfriend is taken aback. So is Brie. The look on her face pretty much says it all. If you gander at the first photo you can see a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions: "Oh my god, this is really happening! Being a celebrity is nuts!"