Shiny Solosis Has Yet to Come to 'Pokémon GO'

Sara Belcher - Author

Sep. 8 2022, Published 4:36 p.m. ET

The Psychic Spectacular event is just one event highlighting certain Pokémon during the Season of Light in Pokémon GO. New raid bosses, like Mega Alakazam, will appear at gyms during this event, and players will have plenty of opportunities to catch all four formes of Deoxys (and their shiny version) during this event.

With this event, some of the Psychic Pokémon being spotlighted also received shiny variants, giving seasoned collectors a reason to go shiny hunting again.

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Solosis, a Psychic-type from Generation V, will also be found in abundance during this event — but can the Pokémon be shiny in Pokémon GO? Here's what you need to know about Solosis and its different forms that can be found during this event.

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Can you catch a shiny Solosis in 'Pokémon GO'?

With the limited-time Psychic Spectacular event, players have a chance to catch shiny versions of some Psychic Pokémon that have never before had shiny variants appear in the game. Pokémon like Elgyem made their shiny debut with this event.

Unfortunately, though, while there are more shiny Psychic-types than before for this event, players will not be able to catch a shiny Solosis in Pokémon GO.

Though you won't be able to find the Pokémon's shiny form in Pokémon GO, you can see it in other Pokémon games, like Sword and Shield or Black and White. It's distinguished by its blue body, replacing the traditional green color of Solosis.

Elgyem was the Psychic Pokémon that received a shiny variant during this event, though there were others that have yet to have their shiny debuts that players were hoping to see hit the game.

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Both Gothita and Chingling are other Psychic Pokémon that currently don't have shiny versions in the game, though neither of them were selected for this specific event.

While this just means Solosis, along with the other Pokémon that don't currently have shiny variants, will be spotlighted in later events, many players are still disappointed they won't find these shiny versions in Pokémon GO at this time.

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