"That's What He Gets" — Woman Blocks Car Door of Driver Who Took Up Four Parking Spaces

A woman takes revenge on a driver who took up four parking spaces by blocking their door so the driver can't easily get inside their car.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 27 2023, Published 1:02 p.m. ET

People take parking very seriously. We’ve got parking lot Karens throwing temper tantrums because they believe someone took their spot in a public parking lot.

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Furthermore, there have been instances of some people resorting to extreme actions like hurling cartons of McDonald's sauce at vehicles parked awkwardly. Not to mention that some have gone as far as attaching shopping carts to car doors using zip ties to punish them for poor parking.

It appears that a trend of seeking vengeance against those who don't park properly is on the rise. In the story below, a woman shares her plan to punish a driver who took up four spots by making sure it's extremely difficult for them to get into their car.

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Cars parked tightly in a parking lot
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Woman gets revenge on bad parker by blocking their car.

A woman named Alexandra (@alexdevss) took to TikTok to expose a bad parker.

“So I pull up to work and there’s this car that’s taking four spots. Like all the way, in the good parking area," she explains in her video.

"So I pull in and I’m like no. I don’t care if you’re over the line, you’re not getting in your car. Like baby, you are not getting in your f------ car," she continues.

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Determined to teach the driver a lesson, Alexandra then parks as closely as possible to the car, even folding her mirrors to ensure there was no space for the driver to enter from the driver's side.

Another driver, seemingly on the same page as Alexandra, parked their car right behind the poorly parked car so that they would be bumper to bumper.

"This car is so close to them that I think I could maybe put my finger between these two cars and that’s it," Alexandra wrote, emphasizing how difficult it's going to be for the driver to get into their car to leave when the time comes.

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"Like he’s going to crawl like a little b----," Alexandra says. "He’s going to have to go in from the side."

She adds: "And that’s what he gets for taking four spots, honestly."

Before she ends the video, she says: "I don’t really care if he hits my car because I already got his license plates and he’s on camera, but nonetheless I’m excited to see this b---- try to leave."

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In the comment section, many folks respected that Alexandra was trying to teach this driver a lesson. "Approve," penned one user. Another said, "I think if we as a society start doing this to a------- who take up more than one space they will stop parking like this lol."

Others were upset that she didn't include another video with an update explaining what happened when the parker tried to access their car.

And a few folks had some realistic concerns.

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"I'd be scared to do that because I always get door dinged even when I have lots of space," read one comment.

Another user said: "I appreciate what you’re doing. But can you get out?"

Alexandra responded to the user that she had to get out of her car from the passenger side, adding, "The pursuit of pettiness was more than worth it."

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Our takeaway? Be careful how you park because there are a lot of drivers out there like Alexandra who won't let you get away with it. Also, be careful if you decide to box another car in because you don't know how that person will react. It's a tricky situation.

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