The Coin of Destiny Comes With the Biggest Risk and the Biggest Reward on 'Big Brother'

The High Roller's Room introduced some game-changing BB Casino games, but none have quite same risk or reward as the Coin of Destiny.

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Aug. 25 2021, Published 6:59 p.m. ET

Sarah Beth on 'Big Brother'
Source: CBS

The introduction of the High Roller's Room in Season 23 of Big Brother hasn't been quite as game-changing as viewers or the houseguests themselves have been hoping for. Although we saw Alyssa Lopez take on Chopping Block Roulette and a few houseguests place their bets in the Veto Derby, the game that's going to make the most waves is likely the Coin of Destiny.

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The game is simple, but it's also very high risk. With that massive risk comes a major reward — the ability to overthrow the Head of Household (HOH).

Chopping Block Roulette
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How does the Coin of Destiny work on 'Big Brother'?

The Coin of Destiny is another of the BB Casino games in Season 23. However, it works a little differently from the other games we've seen. The Veto Derby saw five houseguests literally slinging drinks for the Power of Veto (POV). That game only cost $50 BB Bucks to participate, which was why several competitors felt that they could afford to play.

But the second game, Chopping Block Roulette, upped the cost to $125. Most of the houseguests opted out in order to save their money, but Alyssa turned in all of her BB Bucks for the chance to remove Derek Frazier from the block, spin a roulette wheel to replace him, and get immunity for the week. She won, though she ended up accidentally putting her only real ally, Xavier Prather, up as the replacement.

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Now that Chopping Block Roulette is over, the Coin of Destiny is the next game for the competitors to play, and the cost has once again increased. This time, the players have to put down $250. After competing in a game of skill, whoever wins will be able to call a coin toss. If they call it correctly, they get to overthrow the HOH's nominations for the week.

Derek X on 'Big Brother'
Source: CBS
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Who can play the Coin of Destiny?

Who plays depends on who has $250 — and most competitors don't. Players get $100 BB Bucks if they are voted the top three houseguests by the viewers. The next three get $75, while the rest walk away with $50. As it stands right now, no one has $250 to play, but three people could be eligible to play if they get enough going into Week 8.

Derek Xiao is currently the closest to the goal with $200. Next up are Derek F. and Hannah Chaddha, who both have $150. Barring a major change in which more BB Bucks will be given away, these will be the only three who can play, as long as they get enough votes from fans going into Week 8. However, it's not a guarantee that any of them will stick around that long.

It looks like Derek X. is a major target. Not playing Chopping Block Roulette means that he doesn't have immunity, which is a problem because current HOH Sarah Beth Steagall is hoping to backdoor him. If Derek X. gets eliminated, it looks like Derek F. and Hannah will be the only options for the Coin of Destiny.

Watch it all play out when Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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