"The Wealthy Are Extra" — Vacationer Puts Rich-People Habits on Blast During Hotel Stay

This makeup TikToker named Kylee Fleek went on vacation and broke down some of the most confusing rich-people habits every step of the way.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 19 2023, Published 6:54 p.m. ET

I recently had to pick up my brother from an infamously wealthy neighborhood nearby. I felt like I was literally getting taxed just for being there, having simply driven in my years-old Nissan Altima to wait within a cul-de-sac of enormous houses, each of which could probably fit my own house inside them easily. One house had two garage doors in case you lost the first one and was guarded by two life-sized horse statues. The house that my brother was in was literally built like a castle, corner towers and all.

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No matter how you shake it, the rich are built different. Whether they're buying up social media platforms to run them into the ground, openly stating that they want writers and actors to lose their homes rather than let them receive fair wages, or building literal modern medieval castles as houses, their affluent lifestyles come off as entirely baffling to those of us who have ever had to pay bills in our lives.

One person on TikTok had their own run-in with rich people habits, and they all too baffled at what they saw.

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This vacationer breaks down confusing habits of rich people.

In late July 2023, professional Māori makeup artist Kylee Fleek was flown from his New Zealand home to Sydney, Australia, courtesy of a collab between makeup brands Tarte and Sephora. They even hooked him up with a luxurious business-class flight. From there, he took to his TikTok (@kyleefleekmakeup) to post about his experience, including all of the baffling rich-people habits that he encountered.

On his flight over, he received a hot towel which he'd never gotten on a flight before, and had to be told that it was meant to wipe his face with. What's more, he even had a tray on his flight specifically "for the champagne" that he was meant to receive.

Needless to say, he was all too baffled at some of the amenities that rich people likely take for granted. After all, how many of us have flown with a seat meant for champagne?

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But it doesn't stop there. Tarte and Sephora hooked him up with an enormous hotel room that came with, among other luxuries, screens in the bathroom and a tub and shower separate from each other.

While he was ecstatic to be treated like a celebrity, he was also completely baffled at some of the accouterments that rich people are all too used to.

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In one of his most popular viral TikToks, Kylee showed off his modest room-service order of tomato soup. Rather than come in a bowl, though, the soup itself came in a metal pitcher that you had to pour into a bowl full of garnish.

"It's just a bunch of little s--- that I don't get," Kylee admitted.

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Of course, his stay was full of similar stories. In a follow-up, Kylee shared another instance on the same vacation in which a hotel worker came to his door and insisted that they open the door to present Kylee's room-service meal.

And by "present," Kylee explains that the worker gave him "a full course rundown of [his] meal."

Reportedly, Kylee had only ordered a burger at the time.

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"I don't know if I could f------ live like that," Kylee admitted in his follow-up. "Like, being treated like you're above everyone else, like you're this magical figure that needs to be served. Like, f--- that."

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Folks in the comments section — i.e., normal people — are inclined to agree that rich folks have got to chill with their accommodations.

"Rich people have to constantly be treated like they're at a child's birthday party," one person complained.

Another TikToker wrote, "I'm too poor to understand this."

Now just imagine if rich people used an ounce of the wealth they've reserved for making every inch of their lives of luxury to, I don't know, pay us underprivileged folks?

But I guess if they did, we wouldn't have champagne cozies on our planes.

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