"It Doesn't Bother Me If You're Married" — Creepy Electrician Leaves Woman a Note

When an electrician hits on the wife of a furniture store owner, she not only documents what he said, but how her husband handled the situation.

Melissa Willets - Author

Oct. 3 2023, Published 2:45 p.m. ET

A North Carolina-based TikTok creator who shares content using the handle @maceon.mccracken has shared a four-part story about a seriously delusional electrician who not only hit on her, but did so in the furniture store her husband owns.

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At the beginning of the first TikTok, the woman explains she sometimes helps out at her husband Colton's furniture store. One day, an electrician arrived to make an adjustment to the ceiling fans in the expansive space. That's when the electrician proved that he's a total creep.

The electrician wasn't just a creep, but he left evidence for the woman's husband.

The electrician showed his creepy side right away to this creator, telling her he would like to take direction from her. He later told her she was "gorgeous." Already kind of inappropriate, since he's there to do a job. But it gets so, so much worse.

"It broke my heart out there when they told me you were married," he then shared with her.

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Oh, this story is far from over. The electrician said about her being married that it "doesn't bother me," and then asked if she wanted to hang out sometime. He confided that he hid a note for her in couch cushions in the furniture showroom.

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Caught off guard, she says she laughed off the advance, but she then says the irony is that she's married to the guy paying the creepy electrician.

Later, she went to check, and "sure as s---" the electrician had left her a note tucked into a sofa!

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Unfortunately, it seems the electrician will be hanging out at the office complex where the furniture store is located for a while. And as she pointed out, this creator shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable in her own place of business!

Luckily, when Colton returned from an errand at the warehouse across the street, he was ready to defend his wife's honor — and confronted the electrician with the evidence he'd left for his wife.

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The woman's husband told the electrician he can keep his note.

As the creator shares in a second video, Colton hilariously returned the gross note to the electrician, telling him he could keep it. At that point, the man apologized profusely, and claimed not to know that the woman he hit on was married to the owner of the furniture store. Uh, why would that matter? She is married! That's all he needed to know.

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Ultimately, Colton got in the electrician's face and said, "No more notes to my wife!"

But incredibly, not all commenters agreed with how this incident was handled, and claimed that being confronted and shamed about his advances were the reason men never compliment women. OK, anyone excusing this man's behavior is scaring me.

As the creator explained, a compliment is one thing. Crossing the line and "disrespecting" a woman's marriage by brushing it off and then even leaving her a note is a completely different story. Preach, girl!

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At least there's a silver lining to all of this. As a fourth video revealed, this Concord (not "conquered") woman's story went viral, and amassed 4 million views.

We're guessing Colton's furniture store may have even gained a new customer or two. Here's hoping no one else leaves a note for his wife in the sofa! Or maybe he is hoping they will.

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