Bank Teller Begs Customers to Stop Flirting with Them Because They're a "Captive Audience"

Pretty Honore - Author

Sep. 5 2023, Updated 5:08 p.m. ET

Gone are the days when catcalling was the norm.

Now, you can just slide into your crush’s DMs and shoot your shot. Or, you could hit on them at work, but this ex–bank teller advises against it.

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Social media user @kelabrio posted a PSA on TikTok asking people to stop flirting with customer service reps — more specifically bank tellers. Unsurprisingly, she isn’t the only person that feels this way. In the comment section, workers from all walks of life shared their grievances, too.

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Bank tellers are tired of you flirting with them at work, according to this social media user.

Between digital glitches and external distractions, working from home isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. That said, I take my hat off to the customer service reps of the world.

Let’s take bank tellers, for instance. Not only do they have the resilience to put on pants and commute to their respective financial institutions every day, but they also have saint-like patience with the cast of colorful characters they come across on a daily basis.

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Before @kelabrio quit her job as a teller, she would often come across bashful customers with no filter. According to her, it’s time that unwarranted flirtation in the workplace must come to an end.

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“Please don’t flirt with tellers at the banks just because they’re a captive audience,” she sings in a song she made up, which is clearly a certified bop. There’s no doubt that other bank tellers can relate.

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This bank teller had the perfect response to a man who was hitting on her.

In a years-old viral tweet, a teller had the best response to a man who was hitting on her at the counter. “So I’m [at] the bank waiting in line [and] the guy in front of me is spitting game to the teller, she’s laughing [and] he’s attractive so I can tell she’s digging it,” @Ticklemelili tweeted.

“He asks her if he can take her out and she says ‘With what? The whole $11.96 you got in your account?’ SON, my chest.”

Other customer service reps chimed in on the flirting-at-work conversation.

Bank tellers aren’t the only victims of being hit on at work. In fact, the comments on @kelabrio's TikTok prove that it could happen to anyone!

“This applies to anyone in the service industry honestly,” one person shared in the comments.

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“Or waitstaff, hotel clerks, cashiers at the grocery store, retail workers, receptionists…. Basically, anyone at work who has to be nice to you,” another person chimed in.

Someone else said: “Also if you have more than 20 years on them just leave them alone period.”

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That said, it doesn’t matter how old they are. Just don’t do it. Another TikTok user chimed in: “Agreed. Don’t flirt with anyone who’s just doing their job.”

If you need any more convincing, I’ll say it for the people in the back. Your bank teller probably doesn’t want to date you, so do the right thing and move along!

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