Dad Drops Daughter’s First Birthday Cake and His Wife Isn't Amused

The mother-in-law tries to save the cake and scoop it up off the floor. "That had to be his mom laughing and saying it's OK."

Melissa Willets - Author

Apr. 3 2024, Published 1:34 p.m. ET

A dad is reliving an epic fail he suffered at his daughter's first birthday party.

The moment is the subject of a clip posted to TikTok that chronicles how he dropped the cake on the ground in front of everyone, including his extremely unimpressed wife.

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The dad's less-than-proud moment was shared by a creator who uses the handle @richforce2023. At least the creator had a sense of humor about the whole debacle, captioning the short video, "Tell your wife you need DNA test without telling her you want DNA test."

Read on for the full story and harrowing details of a milestone memory gone wrong.

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The dad dropped the first birthday cake and his wife had zero sense of humor about it.

Despite the dad seemingly laughing off his fail, his wife didn't find even a bit of humor in the moment.

Indeed, although you can hear other attendees at the tot's party laughing in the background (and one in particular — more about that in a moment), the wife's face says it all: She is going to kill her husband later.

Meanwhile, someone who is likely her mother-in-law tries to save the cake and scoop it up off the floor.

So, who did commenters 4,000-plus strong side with amid this first birthday cake disaster? The answer may surprise you!

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Commenters think the wife was gaslit.

Even though the dad didn't mean to drop his little girl's first birthday cake squarely on a dirty floor so that absolutely no one could enjoy it, commenters were honestly feeling bad for the wife, despite her stone-cold reaction to the clumsy cake fail.

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"The way everybody's laughing in her face... I would be ready to leave and never see any of them again," one person stated.

Someone else observed that the fail is "not funny," and that the mom is "genuinely heartbroken" over the "important moment" going awry.

"The laughter in the background would have set me off," another commenter agreed, while yet someone else noted how the mom looked like she was fighting tears as she watched her daughter's birthday treat meet the floor.

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"That had to be his mom laughing and saying it's OK," another commenter said, echoing what many felt was happening in this crushing TikTok.

"I am mad by proxy," commiserated someone else.

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The only consolation could be that dropping a cake happens all the time.

As evidenced by a quick search online, the hubby in the doghouse is definitely far from the first person in history to drop a cake during an important occasion.

This isn't news to anyone who has watched fails on YouTube, as cake drops are often interspersed with car crashes and skateboarding stunts gone wrong.

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Still, it must be said that despite cake fails being fairly common, we still feel for the wife and mom in the initial share. However, we also feel for the dad, who (probably) didn't mean to make a mockery out of his daughter's first birthday.

In the end, there were no winners here, except perhaps the little girl, who one day, can tell the story of how her dad dropped her first birthday cake — and (probably) lived to tell about it!

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