Dad Only Gets Into Bed After Rubbing His Feet Together, and Other Weird Bedtime Traditions

This dad's strange bed time routine with his feet sent us down a rabbit hole of other weird bedtime habits. Check out some of them.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 29 2023, Published 2:52 p.m. ET

Man sleeping
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I have a couple of routines that I like to perform before I go to bed. Sometimes, I'll take the time to do some stretches and twists from a nighttime yoga YouTube video for a little extra comfort. Then I'll set up my tiny air humidifier with some lavender-scented oil to help me fall asleep. Then it's the usual staring at my phone for a little longer than I intend to in order to cap off the night, a tradition that most of us are familiar with by now.

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Whether you have actual bedtime traditions that you perform or just simply end up doing a lot of the same things every night before going to bed, we all have little routines that we like to accomplish before going to sleep for the night.

Woman sleeping
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Interestingly enough, however, some can be weirder than others. For instance, this dad captured on TikTok has one of the strangest bedtime routines with his feet.

His routine sent us down a rabbit hole to seek out others that are just as bizarre. Here's what we dug up...

This dad does the strangest thing with his feet as part of his nighttime routine.

We begin with the dad in question, who's been making the rounds on TikTok. Apparently, before going to bed every night, he "kinda cleans" his feet by rubbing them together like you would with your hands to warm them up. We're not exactly sure what this does for him, but you do you, dad.

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Kitchen dreams for this kid instead of Kitchen Nightmares.

Person in kitchen with cookbook
Source: Getty Images

In this old Reddit thread, a parent claimed that instead of storybooks or fairy tales, their 2-year-old at the time preferred reading cookbooks instead. It might be safe to say that they're currently an aspiring chef.

We'll be coming back to this post quite a bit.

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No pillow, only pillow.

woman sleeping with head on mattress
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In another post on Reddit, one person said they need to have a pillow for their head, which most of us would. However, they always turn their head to a point where their head is no longer on the pillow in order to rest comfortably.

Pick a lane!

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Socks: They're like a blanket for your hands.

child wears frog socks
Source: Getty Images

One parent commented on their daughter who, even in blistering hot weather, needs to have socks on her hands for bedtime.

"She'll wake up sweaty in the morning, but don't you dare try to remove those socks."

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Blocking out the light.

Woman with tape
Source: Getty Images

The veil of night isn't enough for this person who puts tape on any lights, monitors, or chargers that have to be on. Ironically, they also need some white noise like a fan or even music to sleep.

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There's the door, dad.

Child at bedroom door
Source: Getty Images

One mom posted on Reddit about her son who simply had to slam the door in his dad's face every night. Not out of malice or distrust, but just to do it.

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Dinosaur Exchange

Stuffed dinosaur
Source: Getty Images

Stuffed animal sleeping companions are nothing new, but this Redditor's plush friend comes in the form of a crocheted dinosaur gifted to them during their "dinosaur exchange."

This one's not that weird, but can dinosaur exchanges be a thing more often?

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A savvy lullaby.

Lullabys are supposed to be soothing sweet jingles to help kids fall asleep. According to one parent, though, their daughter couldn't sleep without being sung "Hoist the Colours" from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

In fairness, the actual Pirates theme might be a bit excessive.

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Finger protection.

Man in bed with closed fist
Source: Getty Images

This person apparently can't sleep without balling their hands into fists. Apparently, they're afraid of rolling over onto their hands and breaking their fingers if they don't do that.

Anyone else afraid of this too now?

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Sleeping and learning.

Grumpy old man lays in bed.
Source: Getty Images

This sleep tradition sounds more educational than most. This person goes through the alphabet and names a different part of the human body that begins with that letter and describes its function. At the time, they reported that the furthest they'd ever gotten before falling asleep is F.

What's the first body part you thought of that begins with F?

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Reverse sleeping.

Feet in bed
Source: Getty Images

Instead of sleeping at the head of their bed, this person sleeps with their head at the end of the bed and their feet at the bed frame. Imagine if they had a partner in bed who's face-to-face with some feet before bedtime.

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Wishing everyone pleasant dreams, no matter what weird thing you want to do before bed!

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