Do Uncle Daemon and His Niece Rhaenyra Have Children in 'House of the Dragon'? (SPOILERS)

Daemon and Rhaenyra followed Targaryen tradition in the latest 'House of the Dragon' episode by getting hitched. Do they have children in the book?

Katherine Stinson - Author

Oct. 3 2022, Published 2:21 p.m. ET

(L-R) Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy) and Daemon (Matt Smith)
Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

Spoiler alert: The following article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 7 on HBO Max and the George R.R. Martin novel Fire & Blood.

Well, we guess you could say Daemon (Matt Smith) and Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy) were simply following family tradition when they tied the knot in House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 7!

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Indeed, nobody will question the father of any of Rhaenyra's future children now that she's wed someone from her own family. (It's a Targaryen thing, after all.) Poor Ser Harwin (Ryan Corr) really got the shaft on the whole fatherhood thing.

So do Daemon and his niece Rhaenyra have children? Here's what we know, based on the show's source material.

(L-R) Daemon (Matt Smith) and Rhaenyra (Emma D'Arcy)
Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

It's a Targaryen tradition, OK? They're just being faithful to their family values!

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Do Daemon and Rhaenyra have any children? Just how wide is their age gap?

House of the Dragon is adapted from George R.R. Martin's book Fire & Blood — which tells the history of the Targaryen dynasty from varied, biased viewpoints.

To say that King Viserys I (Paddy Considine in the television series) is pissed at his brother and daughter when he finds out about their nuptials is the understatement of the century. However, Daemon and Rhaenyra continue to live their unbothered, incestuous lives, having children in the process.

Daemon and Rhaenyra really commit to the whole "keeping the bloodline pure" thing by having three — count 'em, three children together.

So in addition to Rhaenyra's three sons with her first baby daddy Harwin (RIP), she has one daughter and two sons by baby daddy two, Daemon.

Visenya, the daughter, is Daemon and Rhaenyra's firstborn child together. Sadly, Visenya does not survive her infancy.

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Daemon (Matt Smith)
Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

Is it me? Am I the drama?

However, Daemon and Rhaenyra's next two children do survive to adulthood — their second eldest child Aegon III, and their third child Viserys II.

Did we mention there's a 16-year age gap between Damon and Rhaenyra? (Honestly, the least ickiest thing about their union.)

So do Aegon III and Viserys II survive the dance of the dragons?

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Do Daemon and Rhaenyra's children survive the Targaryen civil war?

Although we've yet to learn of Daemon and Rhaenyra's children's fates in House of the Dragon, we do know for certain what happens to Aegon III and Viserys II in Fire & Blood.

Aegon III actually succeeds the Iron Throne after the death of Aegon II (that's Alicent's son Aegon, FYI). However, Aegon III's victory comes at a horrible cost. Rhaenyra's son is horribly traumatized when he witnesses his mother eaten alive by Aegon II's dragon Sunfyre. Aegon III was never thought to be the same after.

Aegon III's brother Viserys II eventually took the Iron Throne after one of Aegon III's sons, Baelor I Targaryen, died. However, the reign of VIserys II was also marked by scandal — many believed that Viserys II poisoned Baelor I to take the throne in his stead.

So next time you find yourself stressed out by a family squabble — just be thankful you're not a Targaryen! Tune into new episodes of House of the Dragon on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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