Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates on 'The Bachelorette' Put a Lot of Pressure on Everyone

The leading lady on 'The Bachelorette' gets to make some of her own rules to forge her own path, so does she have to go on overnight dates in any given season?

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 7 2023, Updated 12:27 p.m. ET

Charity and Dotun have one of their last dates on The Bachelorette
Source: ABC

The fantasy suite dates, or overnight dates, on The Bachelorette are important each season. The dates allow the leading lady and each of her guys, at different times, the chance to get to know each other without prying cameras there the entire time. The dates also offer them the chance to be intimate, should they decide to take things that far.

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But does the Bachelorette have to go on overnight dates with her final three guys? It's hard not to wonder what the protocol is and, if The Bachelorette lead opts out of an overnight date if it means she also has to send the guy home who she doesn't go on an overnight date with. It's hard to believe that producers would force someone like Charity Lawson to go on an overnight date if she didn't want to. But then again, those dates are part of any given season.

Charity Lawson toasts with her final three on The Bachelorette
Source: ABC
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Does the 'Bachelorette' have to go on overnight dates?

The overnight dates on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor give leading women and men and their potential future spouses the chance to be intimate with one another and connect on a different level than the other moments throughout the season allow. But what are the rules about participating or not participating in the overnight portion of these final dates before proposals happen?

There don't seem to be hard and fast rules about going on the dates or what the off-camera portion of these dates actually entail. Sometimes, Bachelorette leads opt to keep the details private. Other times, they might share that they did or did not get intimate with a partner. But if a leading lady opts to not share a fantasy suite with a guy after an all-day date, she has that option.

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The only thing is, if she chooses not to spend the rest of her night with one of her men at this point, it probably means she's sending a guy packing before finale night. But in this way, and other small ways throughout any given season, The Bachelorette's lead can forge her own path and make her own decisions based on how she feels and what she needs.

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'The Bachelor' franchise overnight dates aren't necessarily about hooking up.

In the earlier days of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the overnight dates were referred to as fantasy suites. But, more recently, the term 'overnight dates' has replaced that. At least, for some. That's because the overnight dates aren't necessarily about sleeping together in an intimate sense. Sometimes, they're just about the suitor or suitress getting to know their possible future wife or husband in private.

Peter Weber's final three on The Bachelor
Source: ABC

That doesn't mean they don't often hook up. Because if the Nick Vialls of the franchise have taught us anything, it's that overnight dates do often involve hook ups. But there's no rule in The Bachelor handbook (or even an official handbook in existence, which is probably a good thing) that says overnight dates have to result in the pair sleeping together.

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